It is the very big luck that you have arrived at Luang Prabang, the big magnet in Laos. The old capital city of Laos did play the indispensable role that inspires the tourists worldwide to travel Laos and Indochina, in general. Most of the visitors to Laos have agreed that this laid-back capital is far […]

People believe that it is quite time-consuming to travel across Laos as it is the mountainous and isolated country regardless of the improved road network. The majority of the country’s main towns are connected by a network of rivers; therefore, the former means of transport here is the boat. Today, to facilitate the tourists’ explorations […]

Have you ever heard anything about Tham Khoun Xe Cave in Laos? It is a perfect destination for the so-called adventurers who have a passion for the large cave, special rocky structure, river, and age-old forest. Tham Khoun Xe Cave is the biggest river cave, which is set in the far-off province at the center […]