Laos cuisine attracts tourists with the exceptional and yummy dishes that set it apart from other Southeast Asian countries. If coming there, make sure you can try Larb Moo, Laos-style sausage, grilled chicken, and more. Travel to Laos will never lack excitement as you can delight the palate with the mouth-watering and eye-catching dishes.  Explore […]

Laos has a huge appeal to the mind-racing travelers who are in dire need of relaxation in a laid-back horizon as well as the slow pace of life in the moments. In that sense, some citizens of United Kingdom (UK) might feel interested in the travel to Laos from United Kingdom – where people are […]

Luang Prabang is an ancient and beautiful UNESCO World Heritage in Laos that the tourist communities admire, and would love to visit. The valuable destination preserves the tradition, culture, and history of Laos that nowhere can replace. Travel to Luang Prabang is full of excitement as you can experience lots of nice things. You will […]

Attapeu is an attractive destination in the southeastern tip of Laos, which is famous for the ethnic diversity as well as the untamed nature. If you travel to the south of Laos and have not decided where to settle, then consider the charming Attapeu. Just spend little time to read below tips on Attapeubefore building […]

Sayabouly is an interesting province of Laos which comes in various names. People might refer to this destination as Sainyabuli, Xayaboury, or Sayabouri. Any of those names you use, some experienced tourists can first pinpoint that it means the site. More and more individuals travel to the northwest of Laos to see Sayabouly. Let’s discover […]

Sekong is an intact province of Laos which can appeal to somebody that loves authentic ecotourism. Provided that you travel to the southeast of the laid-back country, consider the deserved relaxing journey in the bustle-free destination and pay a visit to the peaceful Sekong! Let’s discover Sekong region with Indochina Travel Laos About Sekong in Laos […]

Laos is put in somebody’s bucket list of the leading laid-back destinations to go when they feel stressed and want to steer clear of anxiety. The country is so tranquil and friendly that helps people regain the lost energy and refresh much in the settings of poetic lakes, peaceful villages, or grassy plateau. People from […]

Salavan is a southern province of Laos which is best known for the harmonious ethnic culture mixture. It offers the authentic Laos ethnic world for the visitors to gain real experiences. Instead of looking at the others’ photos about Laos or reading their actual stories there, why not begin your trip? A good place to […]