Let’s see what makes Laos trekking experience in Attapeu more and more interesting? Laos is a friendly and beautiful “Land of a Million Elephant,” which has long been famous for pristine and scenic Laos trekking. The travel turns to be exciting and memorable much when you trek through the primitive jungle world, beautiful rivers, and […]

Laos is famous as a country of festivals and celebrations. The Laotians love setting up a family gathering or friend party. For them, it is a great chance for all members to eat, drink, and have fun moments together. During a travel to Laos, the best way to learn the culture and tradition of this […]

Laos is famous for its tradition of handicrafts. Silver, textiles, basketry, natural paper, and woodcarving are some of the most reputable handicrafts in this sleepy country. Among these souvenirs from Laos, textiles stand out as the most ancient and traditional job. It is worth noting that weaving is an art form that requires ingenuity and […]