Knowing the special things to do in Laos makes your trip to this laid-back country more enjoyable with the life-changing effects. Check out these top experiences and spend time for any of them when you are on an Indochina vacation. #1: Enjoy Gibbon Experience in Bokeo – Top Adventure in Laos This special adventure calls […]

The eco-adventure travel becomes more and more attractive with some ideal spots for trekking in Laos including the fantastic trails that the trekkers find hard to forget. Whether you go on the guided treks or do it by yourself, this kind of thrilling journey promises lots of joy, fun, and unique experiences. Head towards these […]

Take your time shopping in any of the best places to shop in Vientiane Laos below, from the night markets to the famous boutiques. The wide choices of local items ensure you to have the happy shopping experiences right in the charming capital city. Look for elsewhere, the top addresses are listed here. #1: Vientiane […]

Laos has a sleepy beauty which calls for the racing minds who cherish to live in a slow-paced lifestyle in several days. If city bustle makes you tired, it is time to pack and go to relax the self. Those coming from Singapore are always invited to this peaceful country. Travel to Laos from Singapore […]