Saa paper is made from the bark of Saa (or mulberry tree), and there are villages in Luang Prabang Laos that produce this special kind of paper. In particular, Ban Xang Khong is a handicraft village specialized in both silk weaving and Saa paper making, around 3km from Luang Prabang. The diversity and beauty of […]

How to get to Plain of Jars Laos can ignite the international spark of interest in this surreal area on the hill of Phonsavan, the provincial capital of Xieng Khouang Province. Getting there, visitors will be amazed by thousands of gigantic stone jars scattered throughout the highlands. None knows exactly about the origins of these […]

Homestay at Vientiane Laos seems to be in great request of the tourists who want the overnight rest at the local houses. In general, the accommodation scenarios in Laos’s capital city have the dominant presence of the budget guesthouses that deliver the exciting experiences in the local culture and lifestyle, just similar to what homestay […]