7 Top Dishes in Laos That You Remember Ever
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Laos cuisine attracts tourists with the exceptional and yummy dishes that set it apart from other Southeast Asian countries. If coming there, make sure you can try Larb Moo, Laos-style sausage, grilled chicken, and more. Travel to Laos will never lack excitement as you can delight the palate with the mouth-watering and eye-catching dishes.  Explore 7 tops dishes in Laoswith Laos Travel Blog !

#1: SienSavanh (Fried Beef)

The happy feast includes fried beef and beer. The beef is spiced with chili, palm sugar, sesame, oyster sauce, etc., to make the delectable complex. Then, people will have the spiced complex dried by the sun. Also, several street eateries often grill the beef to make it fragrant. If you enter some pubs in Laos, try ordering this dish.

#2: Sai Oua (a kind of sausage)

This Laos sausage has the similar taste as the famous dish of Chiang Mai, Thailand. The minced pork is spiced with chili, lemon leaves, and lemon grass before mixing with the pork skin. You’re likely to see many strings of sausage being dried on the pavement or displayed in the markets for sales. Enjoy thisLaos food with Nam Cheo chili sauce and sticky rice.

#3: KhaoJee (a kind of sandwich)

The sandwich of Laos reflects the French cuisine with crispy cover and the filling of pork pate, sausage, sliced cucumbers, mayonnaise, and chili sauce. The scrumptious sandwich is ideal for breakfast, and its exceptional flavor makes you hard to forget. Lots of eateries along the street serve the dish, so try a full loaf of bread there.

#4: Khao Piak Sen (Laos Noodle or Pho)

This is the preferred choice for breakfast in Laos, which tastes similar to the Vietnamese Pho. The bowl of Laos Pho should include noodle, broth with chicken or beef, herbs, lemon juice, bean sprouts, and chili. Of course, the key to this dish is the broth, and each country might have their own secrets of spicing and processing the broth. Try the Laos noodle with beef or chicken to feel how good it is.

#5: Larb Moo (salad with minced pork)

This is the local dish in Laos and usually present in their family meals. The dish consists of the minced pork that is stir-fried with chives, chili, mint leaves, fish sauce, lemon juice, bean sprouts, etc. The appetizing plate of Larb Mood has some different versions to suit the patrons’ preferences. You can savor it with the Laos sticky rice.

#6: Ping Kai (the grilled chicken)

The yummy culinary tour to Laos cannot be complete if you don’t enjoy the local grilled chicken which is very delicious. The whole chicken is spiced with black pepper, fish sauce, local herb root, and salt before being grilled over the charcoal stoves. The chicken or bird meat is soft, succulent, and aromatic enough to make you mouth-watering. As usual, it’s great to enjoy the grilled bits with the local sticky rice. The meal just perfects your culinary experience in the “Land of a Million Elephants.”

#7: Mok Pa (the steamed fish)

Laos holds the secrets of steaming fish which has been already spiced with onions, chili, and herb and covered by the banana leaves. The technique of cooking in a bain-marie gives the fish the very enchanting flavor on the completion. It’s lucky that you can savor the Laos steamed fish almost every eateries, from the little food carts to the upscale restaurants. Therefore, look up the words “Mok Pa” in the restaurant menus and order the dish. And if you eat at the food carts on the street, remember to ask whether they serve the steamed fish.

People book Laos Tours because not only they just love the food but also appreciate the valuable laid-back yet beautiful landscapes filled with some admirable destinations of Luang Prabang, Vientiane, Vang Vieng, Champassak, Kong Island, etc. Go to discover 7 Top Dishes in Laos.

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