Knowing the top amazing things to do in Vang Vieng Laos can encourage many backpackers and vacationers to visit this exciting town today and tomorrow. About 150km north of Vientiane, the little tourism-oriented Vang Vieng owns the ideal settings for various outdoor adventures, and here is the best list for you.

#1: Tubing – The Best Thing to Do in Vang Vieng

Unique and exciting, tubing is the best thing to do in Vang Vieng Laos that you should never ignore if you are around the Nam Song River. Becoming the inner-tubers, you discover the local water world and enjoy sightseeing the riverside scenery. There are several stopovers for you to have drinks and mingle with the expats as well as the Laotians. Tubing downriver might be adventurous yet so amazing that call for the tourists’ interest. Remember that tubing is not for those who don’t know how to swim! And if you can swim, just rent a tube and start the journey of distinction in Vang Vieng by tubing. The boundless joy and fun await you via this outdoor excitement that tops the list of the musts to experience in the tourist town.

#2: Hot-air Balloon Riding – Top Vang Vieng Activity to Amaze You

If wanting to see the sky of Vang Vieng, then the hot-air balloon riding can fulfill it. The destination has karst landscape which looks shining at sunrise and in the mist. The enchanting river, lovely Hmong houses, stunning cliffs, antique monasteries, etc., are all panoramic from the balloon up above the sky. The enjoyable balloon riding makes you the little free birds who are discovering the well-known town in an uninterrupted way and from the top view. The photo opportunities are abundant and photogenic. You might even find no better channel to fly around and over Vang Vieng than the scenic hot-air balloon riding.

#3: Blue Lagoon Swimming – Exciting Thing to Cool Off in Vang Vieng

Blue Lagoon is the natural highlight gifted to Vang Vieng. This refers to the natural swimming pool created by the streams flowing out of the jungle. Cooling off by swimming in this blue haven is the best choice for everybody. The fragrant, blue, and cool water exhilarate your body and mind. Besides, the lagoon delivers lots of photo opportunities that you keep using the cameras to shoot and record the fantastic moments. What’s more, the available rope swings urge you to try swinging in a lazy and peaceful way. Numerous surprises ignite the spark of interest in Laos and keep it long.

#4: Tham Poukham Cave Discovering – Hidden Site to See in Vang Vieng

Nearby the slice of paradise – Blue Lagoon, there exists the Tham Poukham Cave (Cave of the Golden Crab) in which the antique stalagmites and stalactites have been kept for centuries. Especially, the highlights of the hidden caves are the limestones in the shape of the crabs and the bronze reclining Buddha Statue. The deeper you come to discover the cave, the darker it becomes; therefore, remember to bring a torch if you want to be the authentic adventurers with the head torches. The great experiences in dark cave discovery boost your sense of adventure and courage.

#5: Kayaking – The Great Outdoor Thing to Do in Vang Vieng

Kayaking is another enjoyable thing to feel the local water world. Just rent a kayak and enjoy kayaking for hours or one full day. Along your way, feast the eyes with the charming water, lush trees, local houses, friendly Laotians, and ultimate peace. Using the life jacket to ensure your safety in case you cannot swim. Vang Vieng owns the enthralling water spots to make your kayaking awesome. Let souls be free and relaxed while you are amidst the beautiful destination. Nam Song River is so scenic and elegant that make every second of kayaking the memorable time. You even cannot wait to sail along the spectacular riverscape right away.

#6: Biking – Very Fun Thing to Do in Vang Vieng

Seeing the pretty town on your own by biking toward the preferred sites is the remarkable choice for the enthusiastic people who want to pedal, sit on the bike, and cherish the local charm. The scenic rice paddy, farming activities, traditional houses, chummy locals, etc., can warm your hearts and encourage you to believe in the non-hassle lifestyle. The recommended places to bike towards include the outstanding Phtang Cliff, Nam Song River, Ban Patang Village, Blue Lagoon, and Kaeng Nyui Waterfall. Particularly, mountain biking is quite cheap in this destination which enables you to explore on your own and get the incredibly exhilarating day towards the local villages, caves, lagoons, and rice fields.

#7: Rock Climbing – Exciting Thing You Have to Do in Vang Vieng

It; is obvious that the destination owns various magnificent karst sites which are ideal for mountain climbing. The climbers are expected to know the basics of climbing such as the simple knots or the multi-pitch climb. Rock climbing is quite popular in Vang Vieng, and this outdoor activity is often preferred by the adventurous guests who are seeking for the thrilling experiences. Believe in the fact that Vang Vieng has a rock for you to conquer, whether or not you are the pro. The limestone cliffs encompassing the town provide the engaging climbs throughout the year. Have you blood pumping with this adventure thing to do during your travel and achieve the victory feeling when you are on the top of the cliff.

The top things to do in Vang Vieng Laos convince everybody of the Laos travel which continues to be fantastically rewarding. Especially if you come with the backpacking budget, this charming town keeps you busy with various funny and amazing activities. These recommended sorts of experiences make your days in Laos none of the boredom and full of excitement. As most parts of Vang Vieng remains untouched by the tourism industry, now is the time for you all to visit the destination and find your own charming haven. Happy travels, for sure!

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