Laos has a huge appeal to the mind-racing travelers who are in dire need of relaxation in a laid-back horizon as well as the slow pace of life in the moments. In that sense, some citizens of United Kingdom (UK) might feel interested in the travel to Laos from United Kingdom – where people are required to work and live fast to be productive. With virgin nature, serene atmosphere, and typical cuisine, there are various highlights to explore in Laos.

Ban Phoukhoun is a small town at Vang Vieng

Named as “Land of A Million Elephants,” Laos is the sacred homeland for generations of elephants. The country remains green, peaceful, and rustic with some ideal sections for the big animals to be protected and live well. In particular, Laos has Elephant Village Sanctuary attraction in Luang Prabang. Besides, the national highlights cover the renowned Vientiane, Luang Prabang, Si Phan Don (popularly called 4000 Islands), Luang Namtha, Plain of Jars, Bolaven Plateau, etc. While Luang Namtha is the scenic trekking mecca in the north of Laos, the Si Phan Don looks pristine and spectacular with thousands of islands to discover. The “tourist jewels” in Laos await you all. Follow all needed information selected by Laos Tour Agency just for you to plan a successful trip!


Visa for UK Travelers to Laos

The citizens of UK must have a legal Laos Visa to enter the country. Whether you come in-person to get it or apply for the Visa on Arrival, then information about how to get a visa for Laos from UKmakes you more knowledgeable to be confident and go.


The first channel is to come directly to the Laos Embassies and Consulates in your living environment. The in-person visit means you should do the paperwork and prepare some necessary papers to proceed. Here are what to prepare: your original passport with at least 6 months of prevailing validity (and anunfilled page for a visa stamp, of course), the visa application form, the passport-size photo (should be 02), and the visa fee (in cash only). After you follow the paperwork procedure, take it easy to wait for the Laos Visa within 3- 5 working days.

Couple going down Nam Song River in a tube surrounded by karst scenery in Vang Vieng

Laos Embassy in London

Address: 49 Porchester Terrace, London W2 3TS, United Kingdom

Tel: (+44) 20 7402 3770

Fax: (+44) 20 7262 1994



The second channel is to take advantage of Laos Visa on Arrival which can be obtained easily at the international checkpoints or the Laos International Airports in Vientiane, Luang Prabang, Pakse, or Savannakhet. Upon your arrival, be confident to have your legal visa stamped and pay the stamping fee for the UK travelers by cash. After all, you now have a visa to Laos from UKupon your arrival at either the border checkpoints between China and Laos, Thailand and Laos, Vietnam and Laos, or Cambodia and Laos. It offers the 30-day stay and possibility to ask for the visa extension. You’re required to employ the Laos eVisa within 3 months once issued. With the valid visa on hand, the UK tourists become eligible for visiting the country in 30 days, and if wanted, their Laos Visa can be extended twice in Vientiane for 30 days (possible fee for visa extension is $2 per day if the visa is still valid).


Flights to Laos from UK

By doing online research about flights to Laos from UK, you will come across lots of choices which depend on your booking time and ticket class. For example, if you fly from London Heathrow Airport to Vientiane Airport, you can select to use the aviation services of Thai Airways (via Bangkok), Vietnam Airlines (via Hanoi), Singapore Airlines (via SIN), or Etihad Airways (via Abu Dhabi and Bangkok). Also, the UK travelers might depart from Manchester International Airport, London Gatwick Airport, Birmingham International Airport, or Edinburgh Airport, which evolve the different flight route and airlines. Take your time to find the most reasonable airfares so that you are getting to Laos from UK in an effective manner.


Laos Tour Packages for Citizens of UK

Lots of holidays to Laos from UK packages out there facilitate your upcoming visit to the “Land of A Million Elephants.” As there are many to choose, you might wonder what should be the most compatible packages for you. How about the 6-8-day Laos Tour Package? It is what the majority of travelers choose to experience. As you might know, the highlights of Laos are not the skyscrapers, luxurious resorts, or modern scaffold bridge systems. Rather, the country is famous for virgin nature and simple, friendly lifestyle. The national landmarks to be included in the itineraries should be Vientiane, Luang Prabang, Si Phan Don, the Plain of Jars, Savannakhet, Bolaven Plateau, Luang Namtha, and Champasak.

Freedom Woman Tourist Wearing Casual Clothing On Zip Line Or Canopy Experience In Laos Rainforest

The tour packages of 6 – 8 days in Laos cover lots of memorable activities to play in the enigmatic land. While Vientiane Capital offers the beautiful settings of sacred Pha That Luang, Wat Si Muang, and Wat Si Saket to cherish, the charming LuangPrabang owns the valuable attractions of Mount Phousi, Pak Ou Cave, Elephant Village Sanctuary, and the amazing Kuang Si Waterfall. Besides, with the specular 4000 Islands, Si Phan Don with the three magnets of Dong Khong, Don Det, and Don Khon attracts the beach hobbyists worldwide.


Concerning the mealtime in Laos, please take this Laos UK Travel Advice in mind: try some bits! The typical meals include rice (or noodle), fish, pork, or chicken, and vegetables. In the tables, you mostly see galangal and lemongrass to use. The good dishes are Khao Poon (rice vermicelli soup) and rice served with dried fish. The real culinary experience is memorable.

Elephant trekking through jungle in northern Laos

Laos FoodthatUK Travelers Should Savor

Provided that you’re ready to savor the Laos food, then here are some good recommendations. “Larb” (meaning good luck) includes the ingredients of the thinly sliced meat or fish, lime juice, fish sauce, mint, coriander, chili, and fried rice grains. The traditional Larb used to be present in the weddings or Baci rituals, but now it is available in some Laos Restaurants. Next, the Laos Papaya Salad deserves praises; it includes the mixture of green papaya, fish sauce, peanuts, chili and lime juice which is spicy and even includes more components. The other great dish can be found in Luang Prabang which is “Kaipen” – the Laos crispy river weed to be consumed as the addictive snacks. Just browse a restaurant menu in Luang Prabang, there are good chances you pinpoint Kaipen.


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