If you are keen on biking across a country, then cycling tours in Laos are attractive enough to entice your adventure on the two wheels. Pedaling through the laid-back yet spectacular corners of Laos will provide you with the new energy and fresh experience that perhaps, you are looking for it to bike away from the city bustle. Often, Luang Prabang, Kuang Si Waterfalls, Vientiane, and Pakse are the favorite destinations to begin the “Laos by Bike” expeditions.

Top Laos Cycling Tours

First, many cyclists choose to start from Luang Prabang, pass through Kuang Si Waterfalls, Kasi, Vang Vieng, and Ban Keun, and end in Vientiane. Within this biking route, you need the 9-day tour package that also covers the accommodation, tour guide, transport, meals, and more. This package brings you into the heart of the local highlights so that the must-see temples, waterfalls, caves, and markets will be included, plus the local food and peaceful village.

Another version of this classic route is the 7-day Laos Classic Cycling Tour that begins from Luang Prabang to Vang Vieng and ends in Vientiane, within a distance of around 340km. To most cyclists, this 7-day package sounds doable. Together with the impressive tourist attractions, it’s certain to meet the friendly people and achieve the lasting impressions of the breathtaking mountains and incredible scenery on the whole.

Second, the Northern Laos Bike Tour of 14 days is frequently booked by those that want a deep discovery of the off-the-beaten-track corners in the north of Laos. The involved destinations are Luang Prabang, Pak Beng, Oudomxai, Muang Khua, Nong Khiaw, Kasi, Vang Vieng, Ban Kuene, and Vientiane. You will cycle along the Mekong and Nam Pak rivers for the charming riverscape view. The cultural experience will be abundant as you can meet the Laotians and mingle with them well. Know that the north of Laos preserves the mountains coated by tropical forests.

Third, you can make it more by selecting the bike tours of two different countries, mostly to Laos from Vietnam. The popular package is Hanoi to Luang Prabang by bike that lets you explore the fantastic Tam Coc, Mai Chau, Vieng Xai, Sam Neau, Phonsavan, Luang Prabang, and Pak Ou Caves.

And if you ask for recommendations on the best Laos cycling routes, here are a glimpse:

  • Short route within Luang Prabang: Start riding from the city center along the Mekong River, past the two traditional villages of Ban XiengLek (weaving and paper mulberry) and Ban Xiang Hai (whiskey village). Then, you will reach Pak Ou Caves for a boat trip to discover the Buddhist statues enshrined inside the caves.
  • Vientiane to Luang Prabang: This is a classic route (besides the Luang Prabang – Vientiane route). The two wheels will begin from Vientiane, head to Vang Vieng, and then Vientiane, for a distance of 340km. A good rest in the poetic Vang Vieng can rejuvenate the cyclists, plus the friendly socialization with the Hmong villagers.
  • Don Det and Bolaven Plateau: This is a new route for those that love coffee plantation and island relaxing by swimming on the hammock with palm trees. It might be a challenge for cyclists who should conquer a distance of about 585km that takes around 8 days to complete, but surely, this is a rewarding experience. Within this remote route, you should change money in advance because it’s very difficult to find ATMs until you reach Savannakhet.
One of best laos cycling routes

One of best laos cycling routes

Why Laos a cycling destination

The country has long been known for its serenity, in which villagers live far from the tourist trails. Therefore, if you want to reach the pristine nature and distinct villages, cycling in Laos is the best way to do. Pedaling along the free-of-traffic-jam roads will lead you to meet the friendly people and experience the real Laos culture which is unaffected by tourism storm. The single-track terrain and the myriad of ethnic culture characteristics (of the Khmu and Hmong groups) help convince people that Laos is an ideal destination for cycling, besides neighboring Vietnam.

To be specific, the northern areas of Laos offer the off-the-beaten-track roads for pedaling and creating the awesome adventure that you can perform the great ride. Particularly, Luang Prabang and Nong Khiaw of the North are the attractive destinations to discover on the two wheels. And in the South, you might fall in love with the coffee plantations and waterfalls in the expensive Bolaven Plateau, as well as the island adventure in 4000 Islands (Si Phan Don).

Tips for Laos cycling tours

  • People enjoy Laos Cycling Tours all seasons, but the best time is the cold month, from October to March. And if you don’t mind the wet attire, it’s also good to bike during the rainy season, from June to September. However, if you bike in the rain, please stay away from the muddy roads.
  • Come with good preparation. The light package will help. You don’t want to bike with the heavy luggage or backpack that puts pressure on your shoulders. Some necessary things to wear and bring could be bike shorts, long-sleeved T-shirts, visor, and bandana.
  • Respond in a friendly way when the local people say “Sabaidee” (means “Hi”) to you. A look at the essential phrases in Laos, before getting there, can help.
  • Appreciate the fresh air in Laos. While the large parts of the world face the issues of air pollution, the remote corners for cycling in Laos preserve the pure air. Your journey on the two wheels can somehow help improve tourists’ environmental awareness.
  • Use your flexibility. As you pedal across the sites, be flexible to stop at any spot that you want, take pictures, cherish the vista, and let the enthralling Nature be imprinted on the mind.
  • Evaluate your skill levels of cycling. There are tours for the beginners and the more experienced cyclists. It’s better to know what level you are to book the proper packages. Some might require experience to ride a bicycle on the rocky roads.

Cycling combined with adventure, nature sightseeing, and cultural experiences in Laos will result in the worthwhile Laos Biking Tours, indeed. Contact sales@indochinacharmtravel.com to customize your next trip!

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