Though Laos may not be the foremost destinations turning up in your mind when it comes to honeymoon trips, just have a look at this laid-back country as it is really beautiful and exciting than you ever think! Laos Honeymoon is now widely selected by many wedded couples who are happily arranging for their sweetest vacation ever. Notably, Laos is where to savor the real slice of the Southeast Asia with the untamed valley, the virgin jungle, rugged mountains, and exotic villages where the tranquility is valued. If you share the appreciation toward the laid-back honeymoon, Laos can be the ideal destination for you and the soul mate.

Where To Start A Honeymoon To Laos?

Being high on the list of must-sees, Luang Prabang, the capital of Laos, is surely worth a go. This UNESCO town ideally helps you unwind after the big day. Then, Vientiane lets you see the different laid-back side of Laos fully. And, when you arrive at Si Phan Don (or the 4,000 islands), the natural wealth and relaxation are boundless. Also, the honeymooners all find it praiseworthy to set foot on the Bolaven Plateau and the Champasak attractions.

The Five Best Places for Honeymoon Packages Laos

As noted, Luang Prabang, the “Land of a Million Elephants and the White Parasol”, is the top places to explore together. As one of the most culturally exquisite cities in Asia, Luang Prabang takes you to the existing world of the miraculous wats and temples. It’s delightful to know that this city remains tidy and unharmed by tourism; therefore, it lets two of you feast the eyes with the 14th-century royal constructions, the Laotian houses, French gleaming and gold-roofed temples, etc. As buses and trucks are banned, the tranquility of Luang Prabang is boosted. When honeymooning to this site, don’t miss a spiritual trip to Pak Ou Cave and the mighty Mekong River.

Vientiane is another spot for honeymooners to enjoy the lively and hectic city life. You find the wonderful temples, restaurants, beer gardens, etc., for the healthy religious day and exciting night out in Vientiane. Exploring the city on foot or by bicycle is memorable, and you’ll never forget the moments you pass the French colonial old buildings along the journey. Vientiane features the friendly, energetic, and welcoming atmosphere.

Next, the Bolaven Plateau is the fantastic spot dotted with the green tea and coffee plantations which give the lands the immense greenery. Here, you find the impressive waterfalls to throw away the life anxieties and enjoy the wholesome loving holiday. Also, it’s possible to get the safari experience by watching the wild elephants bathing in the morning in the deep natural pools. That is incomparable!

And, Champasak is where the honeymooners find the infinite relaxation in the sleepy town. Just bike around the delightful shops, buildings, restaurants, etc., and then head out to the surrounding hamlets and villages! Champasak encourages two of you to think of nothing but love during days and nights.

What’s more, Si Phan Don is the land-locked archipelago of four thousand islands. Note that the best time to explore Si Phan Don is the dry season when the islands can be seen obviously as the water has receded. The laid-back atmosphere in Don Khong (the biggest island in the group) spiritually heals your mind during the Honeymoon Vacation In Laos. You will truly appreciate the hundred-year-old temples, tranquil roads, traditional villages, vast rice fields, Mekong water, silver waterfalls, French bridge, etc.

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