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The laid-back, stress-free, and friendly atmosphere in Laos always attracts the tired souls to come to recharge their energy, and the Laos itinerary 7 days is a good remedy. The major tourist destinations of Vientiane, Xieng Khouang (Plain of Jars), and Luang Prabang will be addressed in the 7-day itinerary which results in the meaningful […]

Laos is laid-back, charming, and intact with ideal ecotourism highlights that add spices to green vacations, and to make it new, people start finding proposals for Laos Tour Itinerary 2019. Far away from the historical Luang Prabang or the well-known Vientiane, new recommendations can be the Laos Wildlife Tours and many adventure-focused activities like trekking, […]

Laos is rich in ecotourism as this country not only is warm and friendly but also beautifully natural that urge people to search for a travel guide for Laos Wildlife Tours. With highlights of the distinct mountain, untouched forest, magnetic waterfall, mysterious hot spring, charming lakes, etc., this Indochina region is perfect for wildlife tours […]

Amongst best destinations in Laos, Vientiane and Luang Prabang are always top-ranked that make sure them available on the 4 days Laos Tour Itinerary. While Vientiane owns the Buddhist temples and French architecture as its highlights, Luang Prabang is so charming and historical that attracts visitors all year round. Therefore, the list of things to […]

Traveling to Laos, a land of Buddhism where 90% of the residents are Buddhists, people should know the dos and the don’ts, and here are tips for Small Groups Tour Laos that are definitely useful. Packages for small groups are carefully planned to include the best of the country (Vientiane, Luang Prabang, Vang Vieng, Pakse, […]

There is more than one mode of transportation to get to Laos, and the service of the slow boat to Laos fit any travelers who want a peaceful voyage and opportunity to make friends. In particular, there is the leisurely slow boat to Luang Prabang Laos from Thailand. This is the common route for the […]

Knowing the top amazing things to do in Vang Vieng Laos can encourage many backpackers and vacationers to visit this exciting town today and tomorrow. About 150km north of Vientiane, the little tourism-oriented Vang Vieng owns the ideal settings for various outdoor adventures, and here is the best list for you. #1: Tubing – The […]

Climbing Mount Phousi is one of the best things to do in Luang Prabang Laos as recommended by most of the tourism articles and reviews. Undoubtedly, this mountain is a divine, famous, and captivating natural attraction of the land that all pilgrims and visitors are welcomed to pay a visit. It takes 355 steps to […]

Laos is an attractive tourist destination for all backpackers to enjoy the slow-paced life, peaceful atmosphere, beautifully pristine landscape, and friendly residents, which are all available at cities in the South of Laos. In backpacking, the majority of travelers choose to visit Laos by road, often through the Vietnam-Laos border crossing points. Three top cities […]