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Traveling to Laos, a country with the cash economy, visitors should always know how to use Lao Kip. Paying there, you have cash choices between US Dollar, Thai Baht, and Lao Kip. Only the fancy restaurants and luxury resorts in this country accept your credit cards, and most of the time, their card readers are […]

Just like the ways you expect visitors to respect your country, culture, etc., Laotians also want tourists to go with right attitude and behavior, so here is a list of how to follow top rules in Laos. Also, the tips to remember when attending or watching Alms Giving Ceremony in Luang Prabang are also addressed. […]

Laos has long been known as a sleepy, beautiful, and peaceful destination but it doesn’t mean that this country has no tourist scams and traps, so how to avoid tourist scams in Laos becomes a vital guide. Like many other places in the world, Laos preserves the different custom as well as the language barrier […]

Many places in Laos accept U.S. dollars beside Lao Kip (LAK) – its national currency, but a quick how to get Lao kip and exchange currency in Laos will facilitate travelers much. Knowing this how-to, you’re able to discover “Land of a Million Elephants” in the most comfortable and confident way. With a reasonable amount […]

Amongst the top attractions to see in Phonsavan, Ban Mixay Village Laos remains so pristine and attractive that marvels guests at the traditional paper umbrella making. The mulberry paper umbrellas (called “Khan Nyu” in the Laos language) are the famous products which bring income to the villagers. Travel to Ban Mixay, visitors can witness the […]

Peaceful and charming, Muang Ngoi Neua becomes more and more attractive to the overseas tourists who want the best village in Laos to relax and discover the intact Nature and ethnic culture. Travel to the north of Laos, people can expect to meet the pristine and enthralling landscapes which remain as are, regardless of the […]

Hmong villages in Laos are one of the best cultural treasures protected that appeal to the international guests who want to learn the culture of the ethnic minority group in an authentic way. “Land of a Million Elephants” has three main groups of ethnic minority namely the Hmong, the Khmu, and the Lao Lum. In […]

Laos Homestay Luang Prabang lets guests stay at the villagers’ houses set in the off-the-beaten-track areas, away from hurly-burly. In particular, the Muang Soune Village is an ideal site in the charming Luang Prabang for the real homestay that you ever wish to share houses with the locals, interact with them, learn their culture, experience […]

Laos has the sleepy beauty that only a few places on earth can compare. The laid-back atmosphere becomes valuable when most parts of the earth become bustling and crowded. Particularly for the travel to Laos from Canada, this country is a wonderful destination to trace pleasure and joy from pure things. If you are in […]

Being a pleasant city, Vientiane delivers the relaxed feeling to all guests, and this Indochina travel becomes more enjoyable with the handy Vientiane Laos Travel Guide. Though this capital city of Laos is not remarkably packed with various things to see and do, it’s important to go with some tips which bring the actual charm […]