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Laos is famous as a country of festivals and celebrations. The Laotians love setting up a family gathering or friend party. For them, it is a great chance for all members to eat, drink, and have fun moments together. During a travel to Laos, the best way to learn the culture and tradition of this […]

Laos is famous for its tradition of handicrafts. Silver, textiles, basketry, natural paper, and woodcarving are some of the most reputable handicrafts in this sleepy country. Among these souvenirs from Laos, textiles stand out as the most ancient and traditional job. It is worth noting that weaving is an art form that requires ingenuity and […]

Laos travel is still a concern of many holidaymakers when they select tour packages for weekends, vacations, or any special occasion. Laos might not be the destination that tops your list, but know that this country owns the incomparable charm of intact nature, ethnic diversity, long-lasting tradition, and friendly countryside landscapes. This is worth any […]

Laos, “Land of One Million Elephants,” is definitely ideal for the elephant tours in which you enjoy interacting with the big and friendly animals in a responsible way. If you are keen on wild taste holiday, then get to work with MandaLao Elephant Sanctuary in Luang Prabang – the splendid home to the big animals. […]

Laos is a land of magical caves in which explorers find the enthralling masterpieces of Nature. There are numerous adjectives used to describe the caves in Laos such as stunning, majestic, captivating, otherworldly, etc., and in fact, all are accurately used. Get to know the top 3 mega-size and beautiful caves in this charming country […]

Vientiane possesses the appetizing street food which tickles gourmets’ taste bud by its simple decoration but delicious flavor. This drives almost all of the tourists never ignore this culinary art when traveling to Laos. The first impression that lingers in your memory is that the locals are very hospitable and friendly. Furthermore, whether you enjoy […]

Vientiane is a beautiful capital city in Laos which owns lots of amazing highlights such as Pha That Luang (the Great Stupa), Wat Si Muang, Patuxai Victory Monument, Wat Si Saket, and the Buddha Park (also called Xieng Khuan). Any travel to Vientiane should include the stop at the impressive Buddha Park so that the […]

Laos has some peaceful and charming villages for tourists to unwind and escape. And if you arrive at Luang Prabang, don’t miss a chance to travel to Nong Khiaw (or Nong Kiaw) which is one of the best tourist-known villages in Laos. There must be some reasons why groups of vacationers gather there throughout the […]

Laos is a destination of surprises, including the experience of sleeping in a treehouse and zip-lining high from a house to another house on the trees. And if you are lucky, it’s possible to see the gibbons roaming around their homes in Nature. Also, you might even make friends with a variety of wildlife. In […]

Laos, Land of A Million Elephants, becomes greatly attractive in the eyes of anybody who appreciates peace, nature, and friendly people. The country becomes the tranquil shelter for the thoughtful souls who wants to run away from the bustling cities. With such concept in mind, some Indian travelers realize that they’d better see Laos today […]