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Laos is put in somebody’s bucket list of the leading laid-back destinations to go when they feel stressed and want to steer clear of anxiety. The country is so tranquil and friendly that helps people regain the lost energy and refresh much in the settings of poetic lakes, peaceful villages, or grassy plateau. People from […]

Laos is appealing to some travelers who believe that such appeal will never vanish. The laid-back atmosphere calls for people’s interest all over the world, including the USA passport holders. If thinking that the enigmatic beauty is there for you, don’t be reluctant to travel to Laos from US as this is amongst the best […]

Laos, “A Land of a Million Elephants,” is the next chosen destination for many travelers from any corner of the world, including the New Zealand citizens. If you are the NZ passport holder, there are some concerns that you need to get them solved even before the journey. It refers to the matters of Laos […]

The decent town of Pakse in Laos is not the paradise of pubs and bars for the night owls. Rather, Pakse nightlife should be mostly invested in the public restaurants and coffee shops in which the Laos food and drink are ready to serve. The young locals and energetic tourists find it sensitive to cherish […]

If the next destination that you choose to explore is Pakse Laos, you get our high thumbs-up. On the first travel to Laos, you may feel uncertain about where to stay in Pakse, and the senses of safety and comfort might urge you to make the attentive selection. In reality, Pakse owns a vast collection […]

Some young tourists have no idea about Pakse, the capital of Champasak Province in Laos, but none can deny the fact that Pakse is the extraordinary attraction to see. Thanks to the innovative airport, Pakse today has the swift connection to the famous Siem Reap, Vientiane, and Bangkok. Especially, for a joyful Laos culinary tour, […]

Phonsavan, Laos is not recognizable for the nightlife hubs; rather, this city is mostly laid-back when the night falls. Luckily, there are some certain restaurants and bars for the party holidaymakers to experience the real Phonsavan nightlife. Let us figure out the ideal party establishments to savor the sundowner and see how the Phonsavan locals […]

Phonsavan (meaning the hills of paradise) is one of the most charming destinations in Laos that has the picturesque landscape of the lush green hills, the pine forests, and the colorful wooden houses. Besides, Phonsavan offers the key cuisine of Laos, Vietnam, and China right in its local restaurants and noodle shops. Whatever eateries you […]

It’s obvious that Vang Vieng, Laos, has long been recognizable for the laid-back atmosphere as a Buddhism mecca. Therefore, when talking about Vang Vieng nightlife, please expect to have regards to several night party establishments, not the volume of hundreds. Though the number of nightspots in Vang Vieng town is limited, their quality is fantastic […]

Set adjacent to Nam Song River, Vang Vieng town covers a wide range of hotels and guesthouses to suit the visitors’ funds and tastes. For any newcomer that is about to arrive in Vang Vieng and doesn’t know where to lay the heads yet, a brief guide to accommodation sounds helpful indeed. From the 5-star […]