Travel to Laos embraces lots of exciting things for you to experience, including the joy of shopping. What to buy when you are in the “Land of a Million Elephants”? If you also question this, then consider the 5 most famous items below to pick up and bring home.

#1: Laos Traditional Costume

The Laos traditional attires are the meaningful items to buy for your friends and the loved ones. Almost every local market sells the nation’s unique and colorful dresses. You are likely to find a variety of beautiful costumes to enrich your collections. Walking around theLuangPrabangNight Markets, you are able to see various colorful clothes in the Laos style, not to mention many other specialties of the country. It’s also a great idea to wear the Laos costumes and take some nice pictures. Besides, check out the Talat Sao Market in Vientiane, Kopnoi and Lisa Regale Markets in LuangPrabang where are all filled with the beautiful fabrics, bags, dresses, skirts, etc.

#2: Special Laos Foodstuff

After savoring the local specialties on your own, do remember to buy some special products for your friends and relatives. What to buy in Laos? Pick up some favorites like the dried foodstuff, Laos glutinous rice, and “nokaendawng” (a kind of fermented meat in Laos). These items are exceptional and hard to find elsewhere outside the country. That is why you should consider purchasing them before heading home. The receivers will be much interested in the unique gifts from Laos. Remember to taste some bits before you decide to make a purchase! A good address for Laos’s foodstuff is Vangthong Night Market.

#3: LaosHandicrafts

Souvenir fabric elephants at a night market in Luang Prabang, Laos

The country is famous for artistic and impressive handicrafts, so why don’t you buy some Laos handicrafts for your families? The super cute embroidery and pottery made by the skillful hands of the craftspeople can win your attention from first sight. The local merchants predominantly sell handicrafts to the tourists because almost guests want to bring home the eye-catching, beautiful, and special items which can later remind them of the happy Laos Tours. The handicrafts can withstand the test of time, and whenever you want to recall the nice memories in Laos, you can look at these souvenirs.

#4: Laos Jewelry

Silver bracelets on the market

This is the country of colorful jewelrywhere you find yourself getting lost in the attractive booths of bracelets, earrings, anklets, necklaces, rings, and so on. The silver and golden items are designed luxuriously enough to impress you on their beauty and art. Without a doubt, most of the women will appreciate the big collections of jewelrywhich are sold at the affordable prices. There are hundreds of necklace designs to pick up. You might wish to have the larger jewelry box to store more exquisite items after the Laos Classic Tours.

#5: Books

One of the best things to do in Vientiane is to visit the Monument Books Shop that is the largest and the best bookshop in the capital. There you find an admirable collection of the best books about Cambodia, including the travel guidebooks, international magazines, history books, etc. Due to the slow-paced lifestyle in Laos, reading books while savoring a cup of coffee becomes the nice cultural trait. For some valuable relaxing moments, come to check in the interesting bookshop, find the good book to unwind, and cherish the peaceful vibe. Sometimes, it’s wonderful to let yourself get lost in the book world where there is no room for stress and bustle.

These are the preferred items that many travelers love to spend money on when they travel to LuangPrabang, Vientiane, or any other destination in Laos. So, prepare the room for Laos’s costumes, foodstuff, handicrafts, jewelry, and books in your luggage on the flight to home.

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