Laos is referred to the name “Million of Elephants” country, the mystical land of Champa lightsome dances. Travelling Laos is travelling the country of temples and festivals. Laos includes people of many ethnics, tribes. Though living by agriculture but unevenin production level so each region has separate cultures from others. Therefore, Laos’ customary is very diversified reflecting manufacture level of each area.

Laos Dining Culture

Laos cuisine has similar flavor to the neighboring countries as Cambodia and Thailand: spicy, sour and sweet. However, culinary art brings the unique style features.Laos people eat rice in the meals, characteristic of dishes is using of spices such as ginger, tamarind, lime leaves, chili and spicy types. Most ofdishes are added so much chili. There are dozens of dishes from chili: fried peppers, pickled peppers, chili satay, chili stew, boiled peppers… Typical cuisine of Laos is a blend of spicy and sweet, neutralizing with herbs.

Laos cuisine has many dishes considered as specialty: Tam Maak Hung dish (also called papaya salad includes pickles, papaya, cowpea, tomato combining with dozens of spices that make a very strange flavor. Besides Maak Hung Tam, other dishes like Lap, Thoot mu, grilled fish, shrimp are also great … Each dish is made from a lot of different materials. For example: Lap is made from chopped pork, mixed with Laos spices, eating with sticky rice ormixed with chili. Dishes made from insects are protein-rich foods, found easily in Cambodia and Thailand and Laos. Laos people also like to use insect to process dishes.

Laos Festival Culture

Laos is a land of festivals, happening monthly. Yearly, there are 4 times for Tet: New Year, Lunar New Year (as in some Asian countries), Laos New Year (Bun PiMay in April) and Hmong New Year (December). There are some otherfestivals: Bun PhaVet (Buddha reincarnations) in January; Bun VisakhaPuya (Buddha’s birthday) in April; Bun BangPhay (squib) in May; Bun Khao Phansa (the Lenten) in July; Bun Khao Padapdin (remembering the dead) in September; Bun Suanghua (boat race) in October.

In festival days, almostactions are entertainment, but they also prepare food and drinks which are more prevalent than usual, especially alcohol isindispensable. In New Year’s Day, from early morning, the villagers wear best clothes, especially boys, girls with enough colorful dresses, gathering in the temple courtyard to take part in Buddha bathing ceremony. Laos celebrates the water splashing to Happy New Year (called Bun hot nam), during the holidays, young men and women often splashwater to each other to congratulate and pray for lucky… Se also the article about festivals in Laos.

Laos Dance and Music Culture

Laos people are very enjoyed dance, especially traditional folk songs. Laos people sing and dance not only in the festivities, but also producing in the field, gathering in the forest. Laos folk songsare very various, rich tone, imbued with national identity, widespread among the population from rural to urban. Laos’ Folkhas many type such as: lam, khap, xong, kap, annang-xu… Each type brings the nuances of each region, each nation, each locality. Dance in Laos isalso widespread, in any large or small festivals held in Laos, dancing isan indispensable repertoire. There are some types: dance alone, dance two people or group of dozen people (lam-vong). At night offestival, the young and the old, boys and girls also involve in dancing naturally and comfortably. The dances of Laos are often flexible, rhythmically to the beat of drums, catching the eye of any tourist coming here.

Laos Dressing Culture

Laos’youth often cut short hair; wear a circle collar shirt, short sleeves, shorts, towel wrap outside called “Pha-xa-rong” includingcoloredtype or checkered type. When Laos peope work on farm, men wear shorts or indigo dyeing long pants. In solemn festivals, men wear national costume. It’s a circle collar shirt, fabricbutton, installed on the left hand side. Women like to wear flowersfabric, bold color plaid fabric, bright colors like natural flowers and trees in forest. Clothing style is designed appropriately for each season and conveniently to act, for each specific circumstances aslabor, festivities, weddings, funerals…

Taking a Laos tour, you willfeel all the beauty of culture here. Exposure and talk with Laos people, you will realize they are very friendly and gentle, you will regret if you can’t stay long here. Arriving Laos, you will have a chance to get into the ancient cultural space here, try living home-stay with the native, this will be your greastest experiences in a Laos tour. Let travelling Laos immediately when you are free.

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