Laos Travel Destinations

Laos appeals to many vacationers worldwide with the slow pace of life and many captivating historic tourist attractions. Within Indochina region, Laos is among the most attractive destinations, where guests find the stylish cities, colonial architecture, and important Buddhist temples. The sleepy ambiance here is what many individuals need to stay away from the stressful life and work. When you’re in Laos destinations, you obtain the unique old-fashioned traveling experiences. One of your Laos tour packages definitely empowers you to say goodbye to stress or melancholy.

The highlights of Million Elephant country have gained widespread fame and you should never disregard some certain tourist Laos destinations including Vientiane, Luang Prabang, Muang Ngoi Neua, Nong Khiaw, Muang Sing, The Plain of Jars, Champasak and around, Vang Vieng, Si Phan Don, and Bolaven Plateau. During your Laos holiday, expect to discover the sleeping beauty of the Southeast Asia! It’s revealed that Laos has been isolated for decades and its beauty remains untouched and primitive. At present, Laos tourism has won the fancy’s passion for its Vientiane capital and many well-preserved essentials around.

The Laos people tend to live in the slow and friendly manner. They always welcome tourists to go see the most exquisite spots. The welcoming charm of this country encourages more and more tourists to immerse themselves into the natural, cultural, and historical tourist attractions. While the Vientiane capital is definitely a must-see site, the thrilling temples of Luang Prabang better up your spirituality. Meanwhile, the Plain of Jars in the northeast is known as the most less-crowded destination for the mysterious trips and the Bolaven Plateau is for you all to perceive the best trekking chances. Read the guide of < strong>Laos destinations and come closer to nature ultimately with our Laos tour packages!

Nam Et-Phou Louey National Protected Area (NPA) is located in the north of Laos that is noticeable for the natural highlights of mountain, hill, forest, river, hot spring, and wildlife. It is home to various endangered species such as tiger, clouded leopard, guar, Asian golden cat, Sambar deer, hornbill, etc. The protected area also shelters […]

Laos is an attractive tourist destination for all backpackers to enjoy the slow-paced life, peaceful atmosphere, beautifully pristine landscape, and friendly residents, which are all available at cities in the South of Laos. In backpacking, the majority of travelers choose to visit Laos by road, often through the Vietnam-Laos border crossing points. Three top cities […]

The eco-adventure travel becomes more and more attractive with some ideal spots for trekking in Laos including the fantastic trails that the trekkers find hard to forget. Whether you go on the guided treks or do it by yourself, this kind of thrilling journey promises lots of joy, fun, and unique experiences. Head towards these […]

Attapeu is an attractive destination in the southeastern tip of Laos, which is famous for the ethnic diversity as well as the untamed nature. If you travel to the south of Laos and have not decided where to settle, then consider the charming Attapeu. Just spend little time to read below tips on Attapeubefore building […]

Sayabouly is an interesting province of Laos which comes in various names. People might refer to this destination as Sainyabuli, Xayaboury, or Sayabouri. Any of those names you use, some experienced tourists can first pinpoint that it means the site. More and more individuals travel to the northwest of Laos to see Sayabouly. Let’s discover […]

Sekong is an intact province of Laos which can appeal to somebody that loves authentic ecotourism. Provided that you travel to the southeast of the laid-back country, consider the deserved relaxing journey in the bustle-free destination and pay a visit to the peaceful Sekong! Let’s discover Sekong region with Indochina Travel Laos About Sekong in Laos […]

Salavan is a southern province of Laos which is best known for the harmonious ethnic culture mixture. It offers the authentic Laos ethnic world for the visitors to gain real experiences. Instead of looking at the others’ photos about Laos or reading their actual stories there, why not begin your trip? A good place to […]

Houaphanh (or Hua Phan) is a charming province in the east of Laos, and also a friendly home to various ethnic groups. Traveling to this off-the-beaten-track destination, people feel like they’re stepping into a new found world where ethnic culture meets with the natural beauty. Many interesting things wait for you in Houaphanh in Laos. […]

Bolikhamxay is an ideal province for ecotourism activities in Laos with the national protected area and the extensive wetlands. Every element remains intact and green in the land which makes it a peaceful shelter for you to rest in harmony with nature. Decide to visit it or not? The following pieces of information tell you […]

Oudomxay is idyllic, picturesque, and sometimes hidden in the clouds as it is located at a high elevation. The province looks romantic and spectacular like a mountain basin between some green hills. It offers the dreamlike scenery for photography all year round. If you’re seeking for a photogenic site in Laos, then come to Oudomxay. […]