South Central Laos travel information

Perhaps, you don’t know that many travelers have returned to the South Central Laos several times, and each time is enjoyable. Why? Within this fascinating region, the two must-see destinations should always be Tham Khoun Xe Cave – the largest river cave in Laos, and Savannakhet. In particular, the Laos adventure tours to Tham Khoun Xe Cave amaze the visitors with the extraordinary rocky structures, magical river cave, and age-old tropical forest.

Set in the far-off land at the center of Laos, the Cave owns the unbeatable grandeur that makes you feel like you’re standing in a paradise cave. Remarkably, the boat trips to the Cave are appealing to all nature lovers who now can witness the magical interior of rocks that are in harmony with transparent water and green forest surrounding. Convincingly, during this kind of Laos adventure tours, the adventurers feel exciting to be the small parts of the giant paradise cave. Sightseeing and photographing herein are matchless. The naturally formed Cave is unrivaled and imposing enough to feast every eye and wow all of your senses.

How about the Laos package tours in Savannakhet? The town has many impressive temples, French-style buildings, scenic rice fields, and delicious Khmer cuisine, of course. Savannakhet is the idyllic shelter for everybody to rest and revive. Provided that you’re long for the inner peace of mind, just opt for the Laos package tours to the South Central Laos; and please, remember to see the majestic Tham Khoun Xe Cave as well as lively Savannakhet! They are all worth an exploration with the countless surprises to exhilarate you thoroughly. Let’s see them without delay!

Laos is an attractive tourist destination for all backpackers to enjoy the slow-paced life, peaceful atmosphere, beautifully pristine landscape, and friendly residents, which are all available at cities in the South of Laos. In backpacking, the majority of travelers choose to visit Laos by road, often through the Vietnam-Laos border crossing points. Three top cities […]

Salavan is a southern province of Laos which is best known for the harmonious ethnic culture mixture. It offers the authentic Laos ethnic world for the visitors to gain real experiences. Instead of looking at the others’ photos about Laos or reading their actual stories there, why not begin your trip? A good place to […]

Savannakhet is a precious destination to see a mixture of the old and new in Laos. While the old French-built constructions of Catholic Church remain, the modern systems of attractions of Dinosaur Museum and National Parks also appear. The Laos Tours today also draw attraction to the interesting Savannakhet. About Savannakhet in Laos Savannakhet is […]

Have you ever heard anything about Tham Khoun Xe Cave in Laos? It is a perfect destination for the so-called adventurers who have a passion for the large cave, special rocky structure, river, and age-old forest. Tham Khoun Xe Cave is the biggest river cave, which is set in the far-off province at the center […]