The Far North of Laos for adventure experiences

Have you get the Laos signal on the passport yet? Let make your passport the special place to keep the great memorabilia of Laos via the actual visit. The Laos package tours, especially to the far north of Laos, take you to the sleepy horizon where the slow pace of life is preferred. No one pushes you to go faster to catch the schedule. You are completely free and easy to enjoy the peaceful journey to the remote yet gorgeous destinations. Nong Khiaw is the absolute shelter for the peace-seeking travelers; Muang Ngoi Neua is the isolated and intriguing riverside village to live as the local people in the countryside of Laos; Muang Sing is so harmoniously scenic that you steer clear of pressure.

Certainly, the Laos package tours to any of these highlights emphasize the value of peace when traveling. Instead of sharing places with many other vacationers, you have privacy and comfort right in the far north of Laos. Though not many people come here, it doesn’t mean that this primitive region is not gorgeous. Rather, Nong Khiaw, Muang Ngoi Neua, and Muang Sing are all unspoiled and captivating. They are perfect for ecotourism and the homestay experience that you stay friendliest to the pure nature as well as the kind-hearted ethnic people.

Besides the value of peace, the far north of Laos is also ideal for Laos adventure tours. You have the great escape to the pristine destinations whose charm remains regardless of how the outside world is changing. Excitingly, the Laos adventure tours fulfill your adventurous spirit, and you will then believe that you can be the promising adventurers in the wild zone.

Nam Et-Phou Louey National Protected Area (NPA) is located in the north of Laos that is noticeable for the natural highlights of mountain, hill, forest, river, hot spring, and wildlife. It is home to various endangered species such as tiger, clouded leopard, guar, Asian golden cat, Sambar deer, hornbill, etc. The protected area also shelters […]

Oudomxay is idyllic, picturesque, and sometimes hidden in the clouds as it is located at a high elevation. The province looks romantic and spectacular like a mountain basin between some green hills. It offers the dreamlike scenery for photography all year round. If you’re seeking for a photogenic site in Laos, then come to Oudomxay. […]

Phongsali is the northernmost province of Laos which might meet your desire to run away the bustling life. If you’re seeking for a peaceful and authentic destination to hide from hassle and bustle, then think if you are interested in traveling to this rustic off-the-beaten-track province. The following information is to convince you of the […]

Bokeo in Laos sounds new and inviting to some travelers worldwide who look for something interesting, beautiful, and pristine in the “Land of A Million Elephants.” If you just feel interested in its name in the first place, find more helpful information on this Laos travel guide book about Bokeo. Bokeo (previously named Hua Khong […]

Laos is a sleeping country, but the tourists worldwide do not forget its charming hidden beauty. In fact, the keywords “Laos tourist destination” has been searched regularly per month. If you’re about to visit Laos and not quite sure which spot to visit, please let us draw your attention to a beautiful rustic small town […]

Don’t think that the beauty of Laos is just limited in Vientiane and Luang Prabang! Among the most outstanding tourist destinations in Laos, there also stands a name of Muang Ngoi Neua, the small riverside village in the North of Laos. Investing your next Laos holiday in this laid-back village will always be the good […]

The sleepy beauty of Laos stretches over most of its corners, from capital to the rural villages. If you’re yearning for a peaceful shelter to get rid of hustle and bustle of life, why not tour to Muang Sing? This tourist destination of Laos will satisfy you throughout the harmonious nights and days. What to […]