Vientiane Tour Packages Laos

The laid-back and pretty land of Laos welcomes you all to do research and then explore it in person. Provided that you have some ideas in mind, just carry them out right in the intriguing land of Vientiane, the capital Laos. In most of the time, Vientiane is dramatically laid-back and primitive with lots of attractive highlights. So, the Vientiane tours comfortably take you the best of the land namely Wat Sisaket, That Luang Stupa, Arch de Triumph Patouxay, Wat Ho Prakeo, Ban Bor Village, and Nam Ngum Lake. The stopovers at these attractions evolve the enjoyable sightseeing and exclusive discovery.

Interestingly speaking, the Vientiane tour packages offer the all-in-one journey to the capital of Laos so that you have no worry in the new land. For the first-time visitors, the tranquil zone in Vientiane is ideal for peace, comfort, and spirituality. From the impressive temples to the poetic lake, harmonious village, and frangipani-lined streets, Vientiane offers an abundance of enjoyment. What’s more, the iconic French-colonial architecture is scattered impressively in the capital. None refuses to cherish it throughout the day-and-night Vientiane Tours.

To make it clear, please note that any trip to Laos essential doesn’t focus on luxury. Rather, the Vientiane tour packages stress the valuable sense of peace and relief. You set foot on the stress-free and bustle-free land that has the delicious cuisine, exceptional architecture, long-lasting culture, and especially, the matchless tranquility. Laos, in general, is the ideal shelter to rest and come back to the simple yet happy life, and Vientiane is the primary getaway to investigate and cherish at leisure. Vientiane never fails to let you unwind.

If you are long for a free vacation with a soft adventure and memorable experience, it’s recommended to arrange for Central Laos Experience Tour (7D6N). The well-scheduled package first takes you to the Vientiane Capital and then proceed to the primitive Thakhek, Pak Phanung, Nong Ping, XeBangfai Water Caves, and HinNamho National Protected Area. Each of these highlights urges you to circle the name of Laos in the map of Indochina tourism. While some of you might inevitably fall in love with the religious sites in Vientiane like War Sisaket and Wat Prakeo, the others have the long-lasting impression on the dreamlike XeBangfai River Caves and the happy moments in the beautiful campsite. Undoubtedly, the 7-day-6-night Central Laos Tour lets you happily get immersed in the charming Vientiane and then the pure Thakek. Along the tours, you can pinpoint various activities of trekking, kayaking, having a picnic, listening to the songs of the jungle, etc. Become nature-friendly is one of the best things to do in Laos, and this package makes it true for you. Check out the Laos Tour prices, services, itinerary, etc., with the simple clicks!

Nam Ngum in Laos is a peaceful and charming venue that many people choose for their weekends or holidays. Around 90km north of Vientiane, Ang Nam Ngum Reservoir is famous for its green and pure nature for everybody to stay fresh and energized. If you want to find have an escape from the bustle of life, then experience Nam Ngum Retreat (5D4N). This Laos tour makes sure you find comfort, relaxation, and pleasure along the way to Vientiane and then Nam Ngum. In 5 days 4 nights, it’s exciting to see the highlights of Wat Sisaket, Nam Ngum, Buddha Park, Wat Si Muang, etc. The city tours and overnight stay in both Vientiane and Nam Ngum let you fully explore the best out of the two destinations in Laos. Of course, anxiety and stress have no place during the packages. While sightseeing is perfect, spiritual health throughout the tour is gently handled in the Laos’ remarkable temples. Also, you will love the retreat in the tranquil Nam Ngum. Just browse to get some feelings for Nam Ngum Lake Tour itinerary, price, package service, and potential hotels right here!

The 3-Day Vientiane Stopover Tour provides with visit to all main sighseeing points of Laos capital such as Wat Sisaket, That Luang Stupa, Wat Ho Prakeo and the Arch de Triumph Patouxay. Beside all these, you will also have time to discover the local market, Ban Bor village and Nam Ngum Lake.