Homestay Laos village promises to satisfy travelers who want to learn authentic culture and lifestyle of the locals via the overnight stay in their houses. Though you might not understand any of the words spoken around, just smile, watch, and enjoy what is going on. Notably, homestay in a distant hill tribe village in Laos brings the excitingly new experiences.

Laos Homestay at a Remote Hill Tribe Village nearby Luang Prabang

You might first wonder how it will be when you stay overnight in the one-room home, with an unclean floor and a single light bulb. And, how it will be when you’re around by around 20 unknown people who are watching your movements with the smile. Lots of new and exciting experiences await you during the homestay in Laos this way. You will never know “how it will be” until you actually experience it.

It’s recommended to work with White Elephant Adventure who can arrange a safe trek to an off-the-beaten-track Hmong hill tribe village, close to Luang Prabang. The trip provides authentic interactions with the hill tribe villagers and cultural experiences. So, what makes this Laos homestay different? Here are some of the highlights:

  • The villagers are likely to treat you as if you were their old friends and even the family members. Know that hugs might be given prior to introducing names.
  • You will see the pristine village of the Hmong people that might be unseen by the other foreign eyes. There appears the wooden and thatch-roofed houses, simple working tools, no toilet in the house, etc. Rather, the toilets can be the tiny huts outside the house. What’s more, bathing is often in a river nearby the village or by putting water from the buckets to pour over. And, Laos food is made by the local ingredients while sleeping is with the mosquito nets.
  • Some local kids and adults would love to practice their English speaking. So, if wanted, you can teach them and have an enjoyable conversation about their life stories and culture. Little by little, you get to know the others better, and the stay will become enjoyable.
  • You will witness the local custom and ceremony. For instance, in Laos village, when a person has a new bike, then that bike needs to be blessed by the old shaman. This case, the village shaman will lit incense and chant when smoke is filling the room. After that, he passes the pieces of string to the other people who will take turn tying those pieces to the new bike. There will be more different rituals to know.
    Live closer to the nature (Source: Homestay Laos)

    Live closer to the nature (Source: Homestay Laos)

More Villages for Homestay in Laos

Several villages in Laos are open for the homestay service that allows foreign guests to see their living ways, learn their culture, live in their houses, share family meals, and take part in the chores. So, for the real Laos experiences, get to know the following Laos homestay accommodation.

  • Akha Village in Phongsali
  • Ban Chaleurnsouk in Luang Namtha
  • Nam Ha Hill Tribe in Luang Namtha
  • Ban Nam Deat Mai in Muang Sing
  • Don Daeng in Champasak

You can directly contact the provincial tourism departments to book your homestay or do it through the travel agents. For example, for a homestay in Akha Village (Phongsali Province), it’s easy to make a direct contact to Phongsali Provincial Tourism Department or through the travel agent of Indochina Charm Travel Laos.

Most village homestay addresses in Laos are in the rural places, which means the living conditions are very basic and different from your places. Be prepared for the new experiences, get yourself immersed in local life rhythm at least one night, and really enjoy your homestay in Laos.

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