Vang Vieng is a lovely and tourism-dedicated town. About 250km away to the north of Vientiane, this little town is bordered by magnificent karst hills and set on scenic Nam Song River. With fascinating landscapes for various enjoyable activities, especially tubing, travel to Vang Vieng has become more and more popular.

Tubing – Top Thing to Do in Vang Vieng

While Vang Vieng is considered as the party destination, tubing is a must to enjoy in the destination. The backpackers and thrill-seekers love to try floating down the river on an exciting tube. This is the unique activity to do on Nam Song River, which lets the tubers to explore the water corners of the town in a thrilling way. As long as you are keen on the outdoor games, the tubing will never disappoint you.

Nonetheless, know that the unguaranteed bars do not have rights to operate the activity of tubing; only several legitimate companies can run this. In the past, there were some young backpackers who got drunk and then tubed down the river in an uncontrollable way. This trigged the Laos Government to issue the significant changes for the better in 2012 that tubing is limited to several legal places to prevent the accidents.

In fact, many foreign thrill-seekers are keen on floating downstream to see the karst sceneries and riverscape excitingly. In that sense, you can hire a tube for around 60.000 kips (USD$6) and then start tubing in the allowed route, often stopping at the bamboo bridge. Of course, if you don’t know how to swim, it means you cannot do river tubing.

As Vang Vieng is no longer what it once was, people now can enjoy tubing from either the legal river bars or the local villages. And, you can do it a whole day or as long as you like, but remember before 18:00 as it is quite dangerous to do tubing at night. Once getting the rubber tube, you can start floating down the river for meters. Along the route, expect to see various river bars that provide good drinks and the relaxing games to win bracelets. Everybody wants to earn the bracelets as more as possible. Having the joyful parties, playing games, and allowing yourself to unwind in the bars along the tubing route makes this activity stress-free, absolutely.

Also in your tours to Laos, what might make tubing Vang Vieng special is the wonderful opportunity to float down the river and pass the lush jungle, towering mountains, interesting karst formations, and beautiful river.

Tubing in Vang Vieng, Laos

Tubing in Vang Vieng, Laos

Tips for the day of river tubing in Vang Vieng

As noted, the cost of tubing is around 60,000 kips for the rental. Also, you have to pay another 60,000 kips for deposit and sign a waiver releasing the tub owners of any accountabilities. If you return the tub by 18:00, then you can get the deposit back.

And, what to bring? The necessary items for your day of tubing include swimsuit, T-shirt, dry bags, waterproof camera, and headache medicine.

Now, Vang Vieng is a destination of the party in which you absolutely do nothing but gather with a fun group, go river tubing, have a party, and nurse your hangover if any. Believe us, the experience is highly enjoyable. All in all, whether or not you are a party person, the hangover is real during the river tubing on Nam Song River. So, for all goodness, it’s recommended to go with a group rather than only you. But if you are by yourself, try to look for a group in your hotel as it is always best to go river tubing in Vang Vieng with the companions. So if you are seeking for a joyful getaway while you are in Laos, chilling out for several days in Vang Vieng is not a bad idea at all.

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