Ang Nam Ngum Reservoir in Laos is a perfect retreat for everybody to get steer of city bustle and hustle. Around 90km north of Vientiane, this peaceful site owns the rich flatlands, deep water of Nam Ngum River, forested islands, and misty mountains. The natural elements in the reservoir create the favorite weekend venue for both locals and oversea guests. Explore Ang Nam Ngum with Laos Tour Agency !

Ang Nam Ngum – The Perfect Retreat in Laos

Sanctuary Nam Ngum Beach Resort - Laos

Sanctuary Nam Ngum Beach Resort – Laos

The highlights of this site are the forest-covered islands stretching toward the magical horizon lined with the magnificent mountains in mist. Peace and relaxation are abundant in this protected area, making it the perfect retreat in Laos. Provided that some of you want to find somewhere tranquil and different from the busting Vientiane, then Ang Nam Ngum is the hot spot that should be present top on the list of the recommendations. Historically, the Reservoir was formed in 1971 when the Nam Ngum River was dammed. Since the formation, the beautifully natural site has been attracting the nature lovers and safari explorers who arrive at Vientiane.

Along the way to the destination, you will see the Hmong village in which the ethnic groups keep their costumes and traditional houses. Also, take your time stopping at the Market to join the hill-tribe market vibe, find a variety of products for sales, and interact with the tribes if wanted. Another great stop is the 8th-century archaeological site of Vang Xang to get some feelings of the Khmer-era architecture. Then, you get there, the poetic Nam Ngum River which can be one of the best places to view twilight in the country. When the sun is going to disappear out of sight behind the far-off mountains, you know this is the right place to escape. The senses of peace and relaxation will come to your mind to make it clear and easy.

During the stress-free day in Nam Ngum, all things to do are just relaxing and cherishing the fantastic spectacle. Don’t miss the chance to feast eyes with the magical dawn over the Lake. This means you need to get up quite early to catch the right moment of drama. Also, find a good place to see how some locals prepare their days and raise the cameras to take the nice pictures. The Nam Ngum Retreat provides the inspiring settings for various water activities such as swimming, kayaking, boating, and water skiing. What’s more, the great recommendation is to head toward the nearby fishing villages to find the fresh seafood and watch the local life.

Make an escape to Nam Ngum on Laos Holiday

Daily Life on Ang Nam Ngum Reservoir - Laos

Daily Life on Ang Nam Ngum Reservoir – Laos

The travel to Nam Ngum sounds so relaxing and easy that somebody feels hesitant to leave. As such relaxation and peace are hard to find in the bustling city, many people prefer gathering at this retreat during weekends. Some even think of Nam Ngum first if they want to flee from Vientiane. From the scenic view over the lake to the green valley surrounding this vast green destination, more and more photographs have been being taken there. While some photographers are keen on the spectacular sceneries around the reservoir, the others prefer shooting the simple local houses nestled peacefully on the riversides.

The shores of Ang Nam Ngum Reservoir are picturesque enough to please the eyes and the mind. In some relaxing moments there, you can even unleash the free soul and live the way you like. Treat the self gently by escaping to Nam Ngum, cruising on the spectacular river, and cherishing the fresh and wild riverscape. The laid-back yet inspiring atmosphere will encourage you to let bygones be bygones. And when you head home from this retreat, you might become the new self that follows the positive lifestyle with no trauma anymore.

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