Laos is on the growth to be the ideal cycling destination in the Indochina region. If you still have doubts about this belief, get to know the top 4 reasons why Laos is amongst the best places to go cycling in the region, and possibly the whole world. Besides, it’s good to know when to pedal through this country. Get also useful tips on Laos Cycling Tours here with Laos Tour Operator.

Top 4 Reasons Why Go Cycling in Laos

#1: The Fascinating View

The country owns several of the most diverse and enthralling landscapes for the scenic cycling journey. In particular, the Luang Prabang Cycling Tour lets you get around the city easily to discover various antique Buddhist temples, fresh markets, and interact with the residents around the town. And if you would love to cycle in the off-the-beaten-track path, then head toward the North and Central of Laos to obtain the amazing mountain views, the engaging remote tracks, and the interesting ethnic groups. The southern terrains feature the rice fields, coffee plantations, waterfalls, and islands to adventure. For the most thrilling trip, it’s recommended to try cycling from North to South of Laos.

#2: The supportive locals

The bikers are likely to come across the friendly Laotian people who are ready to support and guide the way. If thinking that you are getting lost, then come to ask the locals who are sincere and generous enough to show you the right direction. Along the biking routes, also expect to meet many ethnic groups who have the harmonious lifestyle. The different language, custom, belief, and culture of some ethnic communities enrich your knowledge about this laid-back country. The more villages you ride through, the more authentic experiences you gain. As the bicycle provides the convenient access to the destination, feel free to pedal through the countryside landmarks.

#3: The Appetizing Laos Food

Together with the off-the-beaten-track path for cycling. Laos owns the tasty food to delight the bikers wherever they pedal toward. There you see the abundant use of fresh vegetables and fruits. The country will never treat you with the empty stomach, so make sure you try the most well-known food in Laos namely Khao Piak (a kind of noodle soup), Thum Mak Hoong (the spicy green papaya salad), Laap (the salad with minced meat), etc. During the biking paths, look for the food stalls and have the delicious meals before you continue.

#4: The incomparable fresh air

Laos remains laid-back and charming with the fresh air especially along the rivers, in the mountainous landscapes and through the dense jungles. Biking through Laos is the best way to cherish the beauty of the country on two wheels. You also make a great contribution to improving the quality of the air in this sleepy land. The cycling tours to the remote areas give you the full flexibility to breathe the cool air, stop by any of the preferred attractions, and enjoy the journey on the two wheels to the fullest.

Go cycling in Laos

Go cycling in Laos

When to bike in Laos

Biking in Laos is ideal during the cool and dry periods (from October to April). That is also the high season for all Laos Package Tours. The dry road condition makes it easier to bike than the muddy one, obviously. Note that April is the hottest month when the bikers need to dress appropriately and bring enough water to avoid dehydration. And if you want the adventurous cycling, don’t hesitate to pedal through the country during May – September. The rain might come and the road might turn muddy, but the luxuriant and vibrant sceneries of rice paddies, trees, forests, lakes, etc., after the rain make the Biking Tours worthwhile and memorable.

So, it’s great to go cycling in Laos any time of the year, due to your preference. The exploration on the two wheels includes the unlimited opportunities to unwind.

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