Laos Tour Packages have been widely introduced to the tourists across the world. If you’re not entirely sure where to visit next, let us draw your focus on the Plain of Jars. The little dusty town of Phonsavan is the gateway to this mysterious tourist destination. Right in the capital of Xieng Khuang province, the Plain of Jars has grown to be one of the hottest spots that you should ever visit to learn about its mystery and simplicity.

What Makes the Plain of Jars Winsome?

The gigantic stone jars make up the fantastic landscapes for every guest to study. In fact, visitors may hear hundreds of stories about these huge stone jars. However, nobody factually knows why the jars are scattered across the sites on the infertile Laotian plain. Though people don’t know why the stone containers were built and scattered, it’s measured that they’re about 2500-3000 years old. Carved from the solid hard rock, a piece of jar there weights from 600kg to one ton. The biggest container weighs up to 6 tons.

The best time to visit the Plain of Jars in Laos is the wet season. It’s when the whole beautiful scenery of the rolling hills is decorated with green grass and pine trees. While some tourists come to this important attraction to learn about its mystery and hear many interesting stories, the others are keen on photographing the exceptional scenes, created by numerous large stone jars on the high plateau of the rolling grassland to the south and west of Phonsavan.

Once again, origin of the spooky jars is unknown. Anyway, the Laos legend says that the gigantic jars were made by a race of giants. Their king needed somewhere to store the rice wine with the huge stone containers, so they chose this plain to celebrate their victory. Another story was about the different function of the jars: to store the monsoon rainwater to support the caravan travelers during the seasonable raining times. This might make water ready throughout the common foot paths.

To the scientists, it’s supposed that the jars were created during the iron-age civilization. In that sense, the jars were said to contain many jewelry and burial objects. Some even took the jars as the giant funeral urns. Whatever your belief, the mysterious jars will make you think about them during the route back to the hotel. Today, the tourists worldwide can safely set foot on the plain where mystery is held and preserved.

So, whenever you tour to Laos, please don’t miss the megalithic archaeological scenery at the Plain of Jars. Being in clusters, the stone jars become the great inspirations for both the locals and the guests. With the historical values, this tourist destination has the full potential to illuminate human’s curiosity about the megalithic structures. Most history hobbyists definitely appreciate this site.

Your Laos holiday should not always miss the short excursion to the Plain of Jars. Whether or not you have faith in the mysterious and unclear story of this site, none can deny the fact that the scattering stone jars are very inspirational and everybody wishes to witness them once in a lifetime.

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