Laos is a land of magical caves in which explorers find the enthralling masterpieces of Nature. There are numerous adjectives used to describe the caves in Laos such as stunning, majestic, captivating, otherworldly, etc., and in fact, all are accurately used. Get to know the top 3 mega-size and beautiful caves in this charming country below with Laos Travel Guide !

#1: Tham Khoun Xe (or Xe Bang Fai River Cake)

This is the amazingly famous river cave that Laos is gifted with. Tham Khoun Xe is ranked as one of the world’s biggest river caves, with 7km long, 76m wide, and 56m high in average. Belong to Hin Nam Ho Natural Protected Area, this magnificent wonder of Nature remains pristine, enchanting, and majestic. Any picture taken inside the river cave can amaze the audiences. The art of natural light, the age-old limestone cliffs, and the transparent water surface all create the best works of Nature Photography. That’s why many passionate photographers gather there to make the fantastic shots.

The shinning pictures of the boats on Tham Khoun Xe can enchant every nature lover, and kayaking is the best activity to do there. Together with the limestone cliffs, you find the lush jungle thriving inside the river caves, creating the authentic “lost world.” The best time to do Tham Khoun Xe Cave Tour is the dry time of November – May.

Tham Khoun Xe Cave in Laos

Tham Khoun Xe Cave in Laos

#2: Kong Lor Cave (or Tham Kong Lo)

This is the mega-size karst cave in the Phu Hin Bun National Park, in the center of Laos. Kong Lor Cave is amongst the most wonderful geological sites in the Southeast Asia. There, people marvel at more than 300-feet high ceilings and admire the massive wonder of Nature. The limestone formations can even create the magic that inspires you to think of various shapes. There must be some moments when you question if you know how such the incredible cave had been established and discovered.

Kong Lor is also the river cave which is ideal for kayaking and boating. Most of the tourists prefer hiring a small boat to get around the mega-size masterpiece, look up the massive ceilings, and touch the limestone cliffs. Visit Kong Lor Cave is one of the best things to do in Laos today. Inside the massive caves, you feel how small a human is before the big Nature.

Kong Lor Cave in Laos

Kong Lor Cave in Laos

#3: Tham Jang Cave

This is the fascinating destination to dip yourself into the naturally blue water pools. The geographical terrains give the area with several attractive pools. In reality, Tham Jang is amongst the most well-known caves around Vang Vieng – the tourism-dedicated town or the destination of the party being famous for the “crazy” tubing experience. Travel to Tham Jang, you enter the amazing cave world which is well lit and equipped with the wooden stairs to reach the upper areas. Many visitors would love to hire a motorbike to get to the Cave, which is just cross the bridge over the scenic Nam Song River.

There is also the natural spring inside the cave which makes the atmosphere fairylike and mesmerizing. Historically, this cave was functioned as a bunker in the 19th century during the invasion of Chinese-Ho. Nowadays, the well-lit Tham Jang encourages people to reach almost every corner of it. The available wooden stairs facilitate the exploration, making Tham Jang one of the easiest cave to get to and get around in Laos. This natural wonder is definitely worth seeing.

Tham Jang Cave in Laos

Tham Jang Cave in Laos

The tales and reputation of the top caves in Laos have been attracting the visitors worldwide who would love to witness the majesty of limestone cliffs, underground rivers, karst formations, and incredible ceilings. Come to see Tham Khoun Xe, Kong Lor, and Tham Jang whenever you think of traveling to Laos!

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