Hmong villages in Laos are one of the best cultural treasures protected that appeal to the international guests who want to learn the culture of the ethnic minority group in an authentic way. “Land of a Million Elephants” has three main groups of ethnic minority namely the Hmong, the Khmu, and the Lao Lum. In particular, this post can ignite your spark of interest in the traditional way of life in the so-called Hmong village.

Interesting Features of Hmong Villages in Laos

At a Hmong Village in Laos (Photo by Randy Renter)

At a Hmong Village in Laos (Photo by Randy Renter)

Most of the Hmong people are in the north of Laos

It’s uneasy to trace the history of the Hmong people, but scientists believe that this group used to migrate from the Mongolia Steppes to Southeast Asia. Around half a million of the Hmong live in the mountainous areas in the north of the country. Particularly in Luang Prabang, there are various little Hmong villages to get around. One of the most notable sites is Long Lao Mai Village, which takes a 30-minute drive from the UNESCO City.

The Hmong people follow animism and shamanism

You will not see the pagodas or any Buddhist sites when visiting a Laos Hmong Village because they practice animism and shamanism. In that sense, Long Lao Mai Village in Luang Prabang has a spirit area for practicing magic, and the tourists are not allowed to enter that area. As usual, these villages will be led by the old villagers (the headmen) who master their traditions, rituals, and principles.

The Hmong houses are open for homestay

Lots of foreigners have experienced the homestay in Laos by staying overnight at the remote Hmong houses. The trip also covers some interesting and different things like taking shower in public, having meals with the local hosts, and sleeping in the minority houses. Some of the Khmer food will be served during the family mealtime, and you will get chances to get to know the family you stay with. The discovery of culture, history, and Hmong food makes your journey full of stories to write down. The homestay with Hmong ethnic minority group in Laos lets you meet some of the most amiable people on this earth. This is time to build friendship and exchange culture.

The Hmong celebrate their New Year on December 13

It is lucky that you can attend the Hmong New Year Festival on December 13 upon your arrival. On the festive days, people will wear their colorful Hmong traditional dresses and cook their traditional food for the celebrations. To celebrate the beginning of the New Year, the entire village will together kill kitchen and cook it to serve everybody at night. The dinner also has eggs, as a tradition. The festival might last up to 10 days when the locals are all happy, which inspires and cheer up the visitors.

Trek to the Hmong Villages and See Pristine Tourist Attractions in Laos

At a Hmong Village in Laos (Photo by Paul Edward Evans)

At a Hmong Village in Laos (Photo by Paul Edward Evans)

Often, the trek to the off-the-beaten-track Hmong villages includes time for discovering the nearby tourist spots. Namely, trekking to Long Lao Mai Hmong Village in Luang Prabang has the highlight of the enthralling Kuang Si Waterfall in which picnic, nature sightseeing, and Nature Photography are all amazing. Even the birds’ songs or the sounds of the waterfall can make you feel like entering the paradisiac land, without the city madness.

So if you want a different way to travel to Laos, think of trekking to the hidden Hmong Village, and Long Lao Mai in Luang Prabang is a great recommendation. The ecotourism, cultural discovery, and homestay experiences in the ethnic minority houses will turn to be the distinctive stories for you to tell others and save for yourself until old age.

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