How to get to Bokeo Laos can guide you to the destination with ease so that you join the world of ecotourism and wildlife which might be hard to find elsewhere. Beautiful, pristine, and fresh are correct adjectives used to describe this land. Travel there soon when its eco-values are plentiful and rich enough to delight you.

By Air – Get to Bokeo via Domestic Flights

Bokeo has Ban Houay Xay Airport that serves the domestic flights to this province every day. The domestic flights run by Laos Airlines, enabling you to reach the destination as fast as possible. In particular, for how to get from Luang Prabang to Bokeo, the flight time is about 55 minutes. Upon your arrival at the airport, take a taxi to the city center as well as other desired tourist attractions, such as the mystic Ban Nam Sang hill-tribe site, around 20km from Houay Xay. You can self-buy the flight tickets by contacting Laos Airlines or ask for the hotels’ or travel agents’ support.

By Road – Travel to Bokeo via Bus and Minivan

Bus and minivan are the most common ways to reach Bokeo from the nearby provinces. For how to get to Bokeo from Vientiane, go to the Northern Bus Terminal at Vientiane and get your bus tickets. No worry as the bus condition in Laos is reasonable enough. Together with the bus, there are other choices of the tuk-tuk, the pick-up trucks, and taxis that bring you to the eco-town all seasons. From Vientiane, it is the direct bus to Houay Xay which is quite long and exhausting, of up to 25 hours, for the distance of 900km. Note that the bus ticket prices in Laos are subject to change, which means you need to check the prices at the station or through the tour operator before the trip if wanted.

By River – Get to Bokeo via Slow Boat or Speedboat

For viewing Laos’ riverside lifestyle and scenery, traveling by boat brings the different experiences. From Luang Prabang, you can choose to pay for the slow boat to Houay Xay (around 8 hours) or the speedboat (around 6-7 hours). Also, there are boat services from Chiang Khong (Thailand) to Bokeo which makes the access idyllic and calm. What’s more, it’s possible to reach this destination from Pak Beng of Oudomxai Province. For these cases of boat transfer, Laos’ Visa on arrival are available.

Do remember to contemplate the mighty Mekong River while you are sailing to Houay Xay. The cruise trip is best during the rainy seasons in Bokeo, from May to October. And, this marks the best time to visit as the whole landscape turns to be fresh, comfortable, and lush. Besides, the entire Bokeo becomes exciting during the festive period from December to January, which urges you to book the boat tickets in advance to secure the seats.

By Contacting The Gibbon Experience – Way to Bokeo Nature Reserve

If you ask how to get to Bokeo Nature Reserve, then the only way is to contact The Gibbon Experience, the organization that provides guided tours and lodging in this “hidden paradise.” In fact, lots of adventurers and nature lovers do appreciate the safari, ecotourism, and wild taste holiday in this Nature Reserve. With the primitive tropical forest, rare biological flora and fauna, houses on the trees, rope bridges etc., this place remains attractive to people worldwide. So if you want to access the Nature Reserve, book it at The Gibbon Experience Office in Houay Xay or contact one of Laos Local Travel Agencies at

The simple yet relaxing and free time in Bokeo urges more and more guests to search for how to go to Bokeo – the fantastic ecotourism destination. Various highlights there will make you the responsible eco-tourists, clieck here to read full tips on Bokeo Laos !

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