What could be more authentic than the culinary experience to Laos to enjoy the Asian cuisine? The Cooking Tour to Laos enables you to relish the exclusive taste, color, and smell, which are only found in the laid-back country. As usual, the Culinary Tours are dedicated to pleasing the gourmet enthusiasts who have a good appetite for eating as well as adventuring. While the morning market crowds let you find lots of delicious street foods, the hands-on cooking class teaches you how to cook with the real-time experience. Promisingly, you get the flavorful and cultural adventure to Laos.

Culinary Tour to Vientiane, the Capital of Laos

The culinary experience to Vientiane helps the foodies to know the tastes of the traditional dishes and desserts which are preferably found in Vientiane. And if you ask what foods to enjoy, our answers should always be around the Laos favorites. They are the Laab (the salad minced meat and herbs), Mok (the steamed chicken or fish in banana leaf packets), Orh (the spicy stew of vegetables and meat), and Pon (the paste of the pounded meat or fish, best used with the fresh vegetables).

Salad is in favor of the Laos people; it features the healthy and tasteful effects. The most famous salads are Tam Mak Houng (the papaya salad) and the Laos salad (the green salad used with the special Laos flavor). As usual, the Laos specialties are taught by the skillful chefs who run the cooking class in the professional and oriental manner at the Vientiane hotels. You what? Sometimes, you can even choose the kinds of salad and dishes from the menu to practice. Then, just find a seat to enjoy your self-made meal in the Laotian way.

Luang Prabang Cooking Class Authentically Teaches You Laos Cuisine

Laos food

As the top tourist attraction in Laos, Luang Prabang satisfies the visitors to its laid-back atmosphere with lots of authentic cooking classes. Know that the class can be operated in the morning and evening, While the morning cooking class usually starts with the short visit to the fresh market to shop and learn about the herbs or spices which are significant to the Laos cuisine. Once again, laap is the national specialty that you should always enjoy whenever you are in any site of Laos, and of course, Luang Prabang does have laap.

Typically, the participants can prepare from four to six dishes used with the Laos dips and the sticky rice. Then, it’s motivational to take the recipe home. The hands-on and engaging experience in the cooking class in Luang Prabang is incomparable and seamless. The most notable places to be explored to learn about the Laos Cuisine are Tamarind, The Terrace Restaurant, Tamnak Lao, and Bamboo Tree Restaurant and Cooking School. You now can easily find the addresses, opening hours, and fees of these authentic cooking places in Luang Prabang. So, just sign up one!

In case of the vegetarians, they can also join the cooking class since the cooking recipes can be altered to meet the tourists’ taste and demand. Significantly, the size of the class is quite restricted, the culinary travelers need to sign up 1 or 2 days in advance so that the class can be run to satisfy you and the other participants.

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