Laos Hill Tribe Homestay is the most authentic way to feel and experience local culture and lifestyle of the hill tribes by sharing houses with the hosts one or more nights. Just do not expect the touristy trails or the Western living standards; rather, this kind of travel brings a true and different adventure that you live the ways Laos’ Akha and Yao ethnic minorities live.

Akha Homestay Experiences in Phongsali

Some of the tourists hold a big interest in watching and even documenting the culture and daily life activities of hill-tribe Akha villagers in Laos. In that sense, Laos Homestay accommodation at Akha Village fits their expectations via the actual stay at the hill-tribe house with the basic living conditions. Here are some of the best things to expect from the Akha homestay experiences:

  • The authentic opportunities to feel the ethnic minorities of Northern Laos right in Akha village, Phongsali. Also, you can document their daily activities, their clothing styles, traditional houses, sugarcane, and tea plantations, harvest works, etc. All ensure the exciting cultural exploration and photo journey.
  • The joy to eat family meals with the Akha people and evaluate their traditional food.
  • Before accessing the Akha minority village, you can expect the enjoyable trekking through some remote sites of the Khmu, Black Thai, and Lantan groups. Step by step, you get into the off-the-beaten-track trails to experience the real hill-tribe lifestyle in Laos.
  • The beautiful and harmonious time to interact with the villagers who welcome foreigners as the old friends (or even the family members) who share the houses and the meals with them.
  • The thrilling adventure to walk in the forest, just close to the village. It is recommended to go with at least one companion.
  • The memorable pastime by listening to the stories told by the old villagers, working in the rice fields, cooking together, watching their routines, savoring peace in the early morning, and more.

For Akha homestay experiences, you can directly contact the Phongsali Provincial Tourism Department or get assistance from Indochina Charm Travel – The specialist of Laos custom tour.

Akha Village in Phongsali Laos

Akha Village in Phongsali Laos

Yao Homestay in Muang Sing

In the area of Muang Sing in Laos, there offer the homestay services in the “Yao” village, which enables you to interact with the friendly villagers, learn Yao’s culture, beautiful costume, and ways of living, and create lots of enjoyable experiences. In particular, the village of Ban Sai Leck is an ideal address to get to know the Yao minority group. Staying overnight at the lodges, you become a member of the village and mingle with the local life rhythm.

After dinner, you will enjoy Yao’s cultural shows. Also, get a massage that is traditionally offered to the guests staying overnight there. In the Yao villages, the cultural activities will depend on the time you arrive; know the following:

  • January – March: make bamboo paper, sow corn, plant vegetables, and herbs, weave and dye clothes, etc.
  • April – May: learn the ways to grow rice on the mountainous slopes and put it into practice.
  • June – August: learn how to make the fields ready for the wet rice and to plant seedlings.
  • September: garden and work on the vegetable gardens.
  • October – November: see and help the harvest on the mountains.
  • December – January: Join the activities of collecting food, building houses, and celebrating the festivals.

Homestay in Laos with the Akha and Yao villagers brings the different and real adventure that you come to know the hill-tribe culture, tradition, and lifestyle in Laos. Save ideas for this and carry it out soon!

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