In the far south of Laos, there stands an attractive tourist destination that vacationers should always never miss: Champasak. The keys “Champasak and around” have been evaluated and seen by many tourists worldwide! This sleepy riverside town provides the easy walking route to Wat Phou and a few archaeological sites. Your stay in this area is facilitated with some enjoyable riverside restaurants, shops, and buildings of interest. Just rent a bicycle to explore the town and proceed to other surrounding villages or hamlets when you’re on Laos holiday.

See What Is Stored In Champasak

Champasak agricultural town is located on the bank of Mekong River. From the town, people can easily access Wat Phou and many other comfortably good places. The sleepy town brings guests to the quaint and peaceful place where they find no tension or anxiety. Your exploration of Champasak and around lets you see many pictures dotted with numerous captivating colonial and historic buildings, wood handicrafts, vases, and carved ornaments. So, if you tour to this town, do remember to pick some local souvenirs for your loved ones before heading home back. The tourist destination is open to the vacationers across the world and people have the complete freedom to set foot on the charming countryside of Champasak. The tranquil atmosphere here helps revitalize your life effectively and you just follow the natural traits to stay happy.

The Attractive Tourist Spots around Champasak

At first, Wat Phou is the beautiful archaeological site where the tourists find the former Hindu temple complex of 5th – 6th centuries. It’s measured that this structure is at least 200 years older than Angkor Wat. When you visit the Buddhist shrine, your mind gets enriched with the archaeological and historical information. The site is preserved well enough to suit most individuals’ passion for architecture.

Next, Ou Mong (also called Tomo Temple) is also worth a go. It is another Khmer temple complex that welcomes the tourists to explore the sacred venue. The structure is featured with the limited furniture, brick components, and sandstone carving. People may come to this attractive spot for the healthy spirituality and balance. You’re encouraged to pray for the best prospects and also worship the Buddha statue available.

Right from Champasak, the tourists can further go see Don Daeng Island to contemplate the idyllic landscape. The quintessence of the village life enables you all to try fishing, basket weaving, and rice farming as well. You find no hustle, no bustle, and no car here. It’s probable to reach the island either on foot or by bike. The decent sandy beach is ideal for a dip.

What’s more, Xe Pian National Protected Area (shortened as NPA) houses a wide range of animals such as large water birds, sun bears, hornbills, Asiatic black bears, and yellow-cheeked crested gibbon. The bird life here is rich enough to please the nature lovers. When you see they fly in waves, you’re able to let the soul be free. Some individuals even announce that they can forget stress and trauma when they get immersed into the exotic land of Laos. Enjoying the agricultural life and trekking are what many tourists should not ever miss.

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