The extensive greenness and laid-back atmosphere can ensure your pleasure during Laos Itinerary 10 days which cover beautiful Nature associated with the famous landmarks. The top destinations throughout Laos in this package include Vientiane, Nam Ngum, Vang Vieng, Luang Prabang, and Kamu Lodge. There will offer a variety of nature-friendly activities such as kayaking, trekking, and swimming. Each of the destinations can shower you with sightseeing and learning opportunities in its temples, waterfall, caves, and more.

Vientiane City Tour

You will spend two first days in Vientiane while Day 2 will focus on the city tour that sheds light on the local places of interest. As a top ancient religious monument in the capital city, Wat Sisaket is always in the list of things to see in Vientiane. The temple enshrines thousands of the Buddha statues and stands out as a major worshipping venue of the Laotians. The next attraction is Wat Prakeo that enshrines the holy image of Emerald Buddha. Besides that, That Luang Stupa is a must to see, which offers boundless sightseeing and photography opportunities. The Vientiane city tour will go on to Patuxay Monument (Vientiane’s Arc de Triumph).

Later, the targets should be the scenic Nam Ngum river where to find the large reservoir and the important Ban Keun where extracts salt and local whiskey. Upon your arrival at Nam Ngum Lake, enjoy sightseeing the sunset over the transparent lake and behind the mountains.

Vang Vieng Nature Discovery

The morning in Nam Ngum will be highly relaxing with magical sunrise, fresh air, and fishing village, and locals’ culture. Take your time enjoying the outdoor episodes by boating, kayaking, or water skiing. In the afternoon, you are expected to reach the poetic Vang Vieng town which is known for the enthralling Nature. Peacefully situated on a bend of Nam Song River, the town is also blessed with the pristine limestone outcrops, resulting in unparalleled sceneries. Just don’t miss the exploration of the mystic and sacred Tham Jang caves.

On Day 4, be ready for the outdoor expedition by kayaking downstream Nam Song River. After passing some exciting rapids, you will access the impressive Tham Xang cave which looks similar to a giant theater filled with age-old stalactites and stalagmites. Keep kayaking to the designated spot for a picnic lunch, and then proceed to Organic Farm, where to savor mulberry tea and fruit wine. The Vang Vieng Nature Discovery will continue downstream to reach the mighty Tham Non cave which was once used as a bomb shelter for the locals during the Second Indochina War. Today, this cave is home to bat families and the so-called “Magic Stone of Vang Vieng”.

Luang Prabang Culture and Nature Exploration

The 10 days Laos tour will arrange Day 5 for the transfer from Vang Vieng to Luang Prabang – one of the best historical and cultural cities recognized by UNESCO. The drive will be very spectacular and the photography chances of distant hills, hill-tribe villages, and Phouphiengpha mountain peak are wonderful. Then, enjoy the cultural experiences in Muang Xieng Nguen village.

Day 6 will be about exploring the remote ethnic villages and the untouched natural attractions in Luang Prabang. You will come to know Bang Xeng Mouk Village in which the off-the-beaten-track trails for trekking begins. Other villages to reveal should be Ban Longlao Nung of the Khmu group and Ban Longlao Song of the Hmong villagers. The special trek will go on across the rice fields, mountains, forest, and caves. Then, you can find out the waterfalls that feed the Kuang Si Waterfall, and look fantastic and ideal for swimming and unwinding to the fullest. Next to this natural setting is the bear conservation center which can help to improve environmental awareness. You can conclude the tour in a beautiful way by visiting Ban Thapene village of the Khmu group where owns the imposing natural pools.

Luang Prabang Street Food

Luang Prabang Street Food

Kamu Lodge Cultural Experiences

The destination for Day 7 will be Kamu Lodge from which you can experience the delightful cruise upstream. Let’s marvel at Pak Ou cave which enshrines thousands of the gold-lacquered Buddha statues. After the cave discovery, it’s time to check-in your tents in the lodge and relish the nature-friendly vibe. Some noteworthy activities are rice planting and harvesting, fishing, archery contest, discovering Kamu village, etc. Also, have dinner in the Kamu tribe’s authentic style.

On the entire next day (Day 8), you’ll have a full time to relax in Kamu Lodge. To mingle with Nature, try the 4-hour trekking across the captivating waterfall, jungle, and ethnic village. Subsequently, how about bathing in the Mekong River? What’s more, you can experience Laos’ massage tradition and Laos’ food. Time will fly favorably in Kamu Lodge, and the itinerary offers a morning on Day 9 in this lodge for any further exploration. After lunch, be ready for the drive back to Luang Prabang.

Before the 10 Days Laos itinerary concludes, enjoy your morning in the charming Luang Prabang, and you have an option to make it special. It’s recommended to attend or simply watch the unique Alms Giving Ceremony that the locals offer alms to the saffron-clad monks in the early morning. Next, walk to the local market, feel the vibrant atmosphere, and watch the locals’ culture and lifestyle. After breakfast, the chosen attraction is the Royal Palace Museum. You can also try ascending 329 steps to stand at the top of Phousi Hill for the panoramic city view. The next attraction is to visit the magnificent Wat Xiengthong whose architecture is extraordinary. Later on, have things prepared for the departure flight.

So if you desire to investigate the culture and nature of Laos, make it greatly enjoyable with the 10 days 9 nights vacation throughout Laos destinations. Only the first choices of destinations are included in the package which surely results in the nature-friendly, cultural, and exciting tours. It is obvious that the elements of Nature and Culture are well-blended during the 10 days, namely waterfalls, mountains, natural pools, caves, etc., and the ethnic villages.

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