If you are wondering how to see all essentials of Vientiane in 3 days, here is a recommendation to Laos Itinerary 3 Days that you will always get to the top tourist attractions. While That Luang Stupa is Laos’s one of the most important Buddhist sites, Wat Sisaket and Wat Ho Prakeo are the impressive religious monuments to discover. For the back-in-time episodes, let’s visit Arch de Triumph Patuxay. And, for some peaceful moments, the ideal venues are Ban Bor Village and Nam Ngum Lake. Read more a bout things to do in Vientiane tour 3 days here!

The important Buddhist landmarks in Vientiane to discover in 3-Day Laos Itinerary

The ancient and charming Vientiane first welcomes you with a sightseeing tour across the local top places of interest. The foremost spot is Wat Sisaket, which is known as the religious museum or the oldest temple site survived from the Siamese occupation in 1828. The cloister of this Wat enshrines more than 8.000 Buddha statues of various sizes and styles. All first-time visitors will be surprised at the thousands of the Buddha images in this temple, giving it a sacred and incomparable atmosphere.

The itinerary goes on to Wat Ho Prakeo which is a former temple enshrining the Emerald Buddha statue (Pra Keo). Nowadays, the temple is home to many Buddha statues, artifacts, and antiques discovered all around Vientiane. And, the next must-see is That Luang Stupa, which is one of the most significant religious monuments in Laos. The Stupa was built to enshrine a piece of Buddha’s chest bone.

The today sightseeing tour will end at Patuxay or Arch de Triumph constructed to commemorate those who died for the struggle for independence from France, built between 1957 and 1968. The construction of the site is impressive even from afar. Groups of tourists often gather there, in the center of Vientiane, to take symbolic photos in Laos.

Visit to Wat Sisaket in Vientiane Laos

Visit to Wat Sisaket in Vientiane Laos

Visit Nam Ngum Lake during Laos Itinerary 3 Days

On your second day in Vientiane, spend the morning to visit a local Market. Then, be ready for a full-day journey on Road No.10 to Nam Ngum Lake, around 90km from the city center. The drive will pass by numerous pretty islands. The recommended stop is Ban Bor Village, which is a cottage-salt factory that extracts the natural salt and owns a peaceful landscape for sightseeing.

You are likely to arrive at Nam Ngum Lake by noon. After lunch will be the enjoyable 1-hour boat trip that provides the enthralling panorama of the little islands. Take your time relaxing at the lake and taking photos of peace. On your way back to Vientiane on the Road No.13, there are some nice stops to include in the list. Let’s have a quick stop at Ban Phone Village to see how the villagers weaving bamboo baskets and enjoying their daily activities. In addition, there will be good chances to witness how the Laos traditional rice-whiskey is being distilled, to taste it on the spot, and take away. Another stop is Vang Xang, an archaeological spot that preserves the 11th-century stone Buddha sculptures concealed in the jungle. You will have the adventure to reveal antiques amid the forest which sounds really exciting.

Independent discovery in Laos

After breakfast, the third day of the Laos itinerary in Vientiane is to start an independent discovery of the beautiful city. Take your time! Later, it’s up to you to depart to Wattay Airport or the Friendship Bridge for departure to your next destination.

So for Laos itinerary 3 days, it’s clear that there are more than one top Buddhist Wat, historical monument, and peaceful lake to discover around the city. This package is awesome for the weekend escape or for some days out of bustle but in laid-back Laos.

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