The laid-back, stress-free, and friendly atmosphere in Laos always attracts the tired souls to come to recharge their energy, and the Laos itinerary 7 days is a good remedy. The major tourist destinations of Vientiane, Xieng Khouang (Plain of Jars), and Luang Prabang will be addressed in the 7-day itinerary which results in the meaningful expeditions.

Vientiane City Tour

Located on the left bank of the mighty Mekong River, Vientiane was once called “the city of the moon” which ensures its charm and beauty. This is the largest city and the capital of Laos filled with the country’s iconic landmarks. On Day 1, Vientiane Tour is a must to visit Wat Sisaket that is the oldest temple survived from Siamese war of 1828. The Wat enshrines over 8,000 Buddha statues which make it a praiseworthy religious museum. Go on discovering Wat Ho Prakeo in which you can marvel at collections of the revered Buddha images, antiques, and artifacts found across Vientiane.

The next monument for today will be That Luang Stupa which is the most critical site in Laos, constructed to cover the former little stupa enshrining a piece of the chest bone of Buddha. Later on, contemplate Patuxay (Arch de Triumph) and take pictures.

That Luang Stupa, Vientiane, Laos

That Luang Stupa, Vientiane, Laos

Xieng Khouang (Plain of Jars) Exploration

On Day 2, there will be time to go shopping at the Vientiane morning market before getting the transfer to Xieng Khouang. Then, go for a tour around the city and listen to its history of the Indochina war; also, quick introductions to Plain of Jars will build your interest in actually seeing the Plain tomorrow.

On Day 3, it is time for the actual visit to the unexplained, intriguing Plain of Jars that includes numerous stone urns whose history and origin remain mysterious. It can be said that the jars are at least 2,000 years old, and during your exploration of Site 2, you might also wonder how they were left there. Next, go to the ethnic villages of the Hmong minority group who preserves their traditional costumes and culture. After that, discover Luang Khoune (the old capital of Xieng Khouang) that houses several British-built constructions.

Luang Prabang Journey to see the essentials

While Day 4 will be spent to travel from Plain of Jars to Luang Prabang and experience the quick city tour, Day 5 will focus on discovering Luang Prabang natural essentials. In that sense, take a boat trip upstream on the Mekong to access the mystic Pak Ou cave. Together with the fascinating views of the limestone cliff and the mouth of Ou River, Pak Ou remains revered and enigmatic inside. It enshrines thousands of the Buddha statues of various sizes and shapes. That said, the statues have been left by the pilgrims for decades. After the cave discovery, get the cultural experiences in Ban Muang Keo village, watch how the villagers distill rice whiskey (Laoh-Khao). Then, before concluding the day tour, discover Laos’ paper making and silk weaving technique using natural dyes in Ban Xang Khong village.

Luang Prabang Laos

Luang Prabang Laos

On Day 6, the enthralling Kuang Si Waterfall is an impressive essential of Nature to see is. Surrounding this natural spot is the scenic and green view which is perfect for camping, relaxing, and swimming. During the off-the-beaten-track hike, take time visiting Talad Phosy market, Ban Na Oune village of the Hmong group, and Ban Tha Pane village of the Khmu group. Thereafter, experience a picnic lunch nearby the marvelous waterfall. Day 7 will further mark your time in the National Museum where keeps the revered Prabang Buddha status and other valuable objects. Enjoy free time until your departure flight.

When you are on Laos Itinerary 7 days, each minute will be free from hustle and bustle, which results in the journey of full pleasure.

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