Lao PDR is a so quiet destination that even somebody believes it’s free from the Covid-19, and Laos Tourism 2021 are still being run. Nonetheless, the coronavirus pandemic has damaged domestic tourism as the country is on the lookout for its potential outbreak. It detected 41 positive COVID-19 cases and no dead count (until December 2020). Travelers should be self-conscious about their health and the risk to spread the virus. Anybody with the COVID-19 symptoms should be taken to the hospital for testing, monitoring, and treatment.

The Damage of COVID-19 on Laos Tourism

In the early stages of the first case report, a national lockdown throughout Laos was announced, namely home quarantine and locked travel between the provinces. All measures were applied to prevent an outbreak in the country. And, they worked. Other policies included the suspension of issuing the 30-day tourist visas on arrival and e-Visa. Besides, it stopped issuing any tourist visa to any Chinese passport holders.

Particularly, Wattay International Airport (Vientiane) requires all international arrivals to be scanned by the immigration officials to check their temperatures. Anybody with a fever or flu-like symptoms would be taken to the hospitals for monitoring. Moreover, travelers from a country with the infected cases have to self-monitor or self-quarantine for 14 days before they could go outside and explore the tourist attractions. Frankly speaking, the COVID-19 response in Lao PDR is so effective that keeps the country and its nation safe from the deadly virus so far. Laos is the country with the lowest number of COVID-19 cases in ASEAN. On 29 December 2020, Lao Airlines announced to postpone the international flights until the end of January 2021.

Updated Regulations for Laos Tourism 2021

In October 2020, the Lao Government Office issued Notice No. 1049 regarding the prevention methods of COVID-19. Accordingly, restrictions were still applied to immigration but eased in order to support the economic recovery. Only several immigration checkpoints were allowed to open. The Lao Government allowed to re-open the tours for groups of travelers who came from the countries without the infected cases. Also, as of updates since the end of 2020, the restrictions in nightlife venues have been eased in an attempt to return to normalcy. Domestic travel in Laos is possible without travel restrictions while Laos Inboud Tourism heavily depends on the opening of the neighboring countries as well as the air links, especially via Vietnam and Thailand.

The tourism development plan for the triangle area of Cambodia-Laos-Vietnam for a period 2020-2025 was recently announced by the leaders of the three countries, aiming to develop regional tourism and make it an attractive destination of the world. In that sense, the combined tours to Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam are wonderful choices for anybody that beholds the Indochina beauty. The idea of combined tours “Three Countries, One Destination” has been supported by travel agents, and Indochina Charm Travel is one of the most reliable ones. The agent maintains its operation and support to all travelers who might desire a trip to Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, and Vietnam. Specialized in Indochina travel, the agent is reinforcing its personnel so that their services would be better than ever to meet even the most fastidious demands. Therefore, whether you travel on or after the successful creation of the COVID-19 vaccine, save the name of Indochina Charm Travel Laos to your notebook for instant contact. The problem-free Indochina tours are possible in this day and age if you come to the right supporter.Laos is spotlighted by ecotourism

Travel to Laos in 2021 – Tips and Tools

Packing and flying to Laos have long been a choice for holidaymakers who love the peaceful landscape, friendly locals, Buddhist sites, and especially the slow-paced life. Though the “Land of the Million Elephants” does not possess the luxurious treasures, it preserves the long-lasting culture and history marked by a wide range of heritage sites. While Luang Prabang cheers your eyes up with the golden pagodas and temples owning the glittering roofs, Vientiane is elegant with the French-style coffee shops. The local landscape is so pristine and spectacular that can wow beholders on the empyreal cascade in the waterfalls of Kuang Si, Tad Fane, Tad Sae, Khone Phapheng, etc. And, if you love adventure tours, trekking, kayaking, zipline, and elephant riding, the off-the-beaten-track Vang Vieng is a perfect venue to experience. Nature lovers and thrill-seekers will not miss the well-known Laos Nature and Wildlife Tours in Nam Nern Night Safari.

Particularly, the slow pace in the laid-back Luang Prabang is a rare and precious trait in Southeast Asia that only a few can compete. There, visitors find peace and simplicity in the locals’ daily lifestyle, without noisy car beeps or urban disturbances. A full-day tour in Luang Prabang showers guests with the beautiful sightseeing of Wat Xieng Thong and other heritages. Luang Prabang itself, in 1995, was inscribed as a UNESCO Heritage site. For some moments of being romantic and relaxing, let’s just chill at the Mekong River during the sunset. You are likely to meet fishermen fishing on the boats, local children laughing, and floating houses. Guests from Vietnam can book tours to the south of Laos 2021, which offer chances to marvel at Khone Phapheng – the most beautiful waterfall in Southeast Asia. Another great feature is about eating the local food along the Mekong River, namely Laos sticky rice, grille fish, grilled meat, and Lap (a kind of papaya salad). Traveling on, you will arrive at Savannakhet to meet That In Hang and Wat Xayaphoum. Later, when you are in Pakse, the magnificence of Wat Phou would amaze you at first sight.

Laos Tourism 2021 welcomes you whenever the Covid-19 is controlled and international flights are re-opened. Traveling in this day and age, when the whole world is fighting against the deadly coronavirus, might not be a smart choice, but you can always save your travel plan to the wish list or the must-do. Right after the pandemic is over, you will not waste any second on planning or thinking about where to go, but just carry out what has been planned particularly in Laos – a safe, quiet, and beautiful destination. The virus could not kill the peace and the beauty of this country.

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