Laos, “Land of One Million Elephants,” is definitely ideal for the elephant tours in which you enjoy interacting with the big and friendly animals in a responsible way. If you are keen on wild taste holiday, then get to work with MandaLao Elephant Sanctuary in Luang Prabang – the splendid home to the big animals.

Get to know MandaLao

As its name has stated, the MandaLao Elephant Sanctuary is a real sanctuary in which the elephants can live in a protected and comfortable way. This area is open to the tourists who can get the amazing opportunities to interact with the big mammals, the local communities, and the natural environment. The sanctuary is nestled in a gorgeous jungle, on the edge of Nam Khan River, around 30-minute drive from Luang Prabang.

The travel to MandaLao is considered as the special and responsible expeditions that include NO activity of riding the elephants. Rather, the experiences are about listening to the local experts about the elephants’ life and characteristics, watching how the big mammals enjoy bathing in the wild pools in the jungles, etc. It’s also interesting to witness the strong bond between the mahout and the animal. In MandaLao, several elephants call it home and follow the relaxing life. It’s common to see the mammals approaching you with the lazy, half-closed eyes, slowly swishing tail and flapping ears. Those are the good signs that the animal is quite relaxed.

Travel Itinerary to MandaLao Elephant Sanctuary

If you are thinking of a trip to MandaLao, then get some more ideas about the wild taste holiday with the following itinerary for one day.

  • In the morning, you get transferred from Luang Prabang to the nearby Xieng Lom Village. There, you enjoy tea or coffee while the guide gives an in-depth introduction about the elephants’ behaviors and how to interact with the big mammals.
  • Then, be ready for the first meeting with the animals by taking a boat trip across the scenic Nam Kha River. After the quick boat ride, you arrive at the protected land of MandaLao in which you enjoy making friends with the elephants by feeding them.
  • As already noted, this kind of travel package is NOT about riding the mammals. You have the better and friendlier way of interaction which is to aid the elephants in bathing. During the bathing time, you can use the special tools or materials to scrub down and clean the big animals who are very happy when being in the water. You get to know the fact that the elephants are the brilliant swimmers.
  • After bathing in a delightful way, the elephants are ready for the trekking trip through the dense jungle. You go alongside the large mammals and enjoy sightseeing the primitive Laos’s gardens, the picturesque Huay Nok stream, and the cool water. Side by side, you and the big friends together discover the jungle. Meanwhile, you get to know these animals better than ever via the real touch. This wild taste holiday is unique in Laos. When you plan to head back to MandaLao, say goodbye to the elephants, hug them, and give them more bananas if possible.
  • In the lunchtime, you are expected to arrive at the MandaLao’s restaurants to have the appetizing Laos meals. Take time unwinding and cherishing the cool view from the veranda overlooking the picturesque rivers as well as the misty mountains. The delicious food and the nice view decide the level of happiness at noon.
  • After lunch, it’s time for the ride back to Luang Prabang. Along the ride, you enjoy the scenic landscapes or ask the guides any question about the elephants if wanted.

The one-day Laos Elephant Tours have been preserved and experienced by many nature lovers and explorers who hold the big passion for the big mammals. Most of the visitors believe that the elephants are smart, sympathetic, sensitive, sociable and caring. Watching how the mother elephants take care of their babies and how the young elephants play with the old ones is the surely nice pastime. The gentle trunks love being hugged and to hug the others. Contact to book this trip at best deals!

The nature lovers all appreciate the moments of mingling, feeding, and touching the big companions alongside. When you treat them with the sweet bananas, they express the cute gratitude, and you soon realize how intelligent the animals are. The non-riding elephant experiences are fascinatingly ethical as the visitors treat the mammals as the new friends in the wild environment.

MandaLao Elephant Sanctuary in Luang Prabang

MandaLao Elephant Sanctuary in Luang Prabang

Know before you go to meet the elephants in MandaLao

MandaLao offers the water, coffee, tea, and specialized boots for trekking in the watery and muddy terrains. The boots are suitable for roaming around the jungle. Besides, they also give you the rain ponchos in case it is the rainy season. And especially, the package includes the full loads of bananas to feed the big mammals.

The MandaLao Tours focus on the elephant-friendly packages that you enjoy feeding the animals, bathing them with the special tools, and trekking with them alongside to discover the beauty of Laos’ jungle. Due to the specific interests, you can select the preferred tour options including Therapeutic Trek, Inside the Hearts of Elephants, New Beginnings (A Baby Elephant Excursion), Spa Excursion (Bathing), and Into the Wild (Exploring the Jungle).

It is the once-in-a-lifetime and intimate experience to be more familiar with the majestic mammals in Laos. And in some moments, you might wish to have more time playing with them. As MandaLao aims to encourage the guests to connect with the elephants in the most natural way, this type of ethical elephant tourism is the special product in Laos. The humane treatment of the elephants across Laos and beyond should be appreciated from now on.

So whenever you feel like spending time and connecting with the giants, make a tour to MandaLao Elephant Sanctuary, and discover the pristine jungles of the Land of One Million Elephants. The time you spend with the big companions bring you nothing but the enhanced knowledge of the wildlife, warm-hearted feeling, and lots of fun.

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