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On the busy tourism markets, INDOCHINA CHARM TRAVEL is proud to be one of the leading Laos Travel Agencies that receive excellent comments from the tourists. We own a variety of Laos Tour Packages throughout the year to fit you all’s preferences and promise happy journeys filled with knowledge and memory. Whenever you feel like traveling to Indochina land of Laos, consider us, the Laos Local Travel Agency that has over 17-year proficiency praised by TripAdvisor and Petit Futé. Want the best Indochina tours to Laos? Go nowhere else as you are absolutely on the right page.
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Independent Travelers or Tourists with a Local Tour Operator?

Travel independently might provide you with freedom or flexibility that you can sleep while the other tourists have to wake up to catch the right sunset scenery or to avoid the crowd. However, going on your own is also linked to some disadvantages that you might miss your flight, get lost in the masses or in the remote sites. In that sense, a local tour operator creates differences. They arrange services for transportation, hotel, dining, etc., and tickets in advance. This helps you to avoid the last-minute rush in almost every kind of tours like eco-tour, MICE and Incentive tour, socio-cultural package, boat trip, sightseeing, etc.

Believe it or not, some individuals often spend time reading the tour agent’s itineraries in order to create their certain plans of things to see, food to eat, and hotels to book. Thanks to the signed partnership contracts, the internationally-licensed INDOCHINA CHARM TRAVEL can differentiate their programs with the top and unique tourism services. Along with that, a knowledgeable tour guide is present to guarantee the services during the packages.

If you want to have an “escort” that always shows you the highlights of every single attraction, then you need our tour guides. The seasoned staff is available to answer your questions and provide the services that the agent promises you. There will be some speeches about history or interesting information about the sites that cannot be found in books or websites. And, this is one of the noticeable differences that the Laos tour agency offers, and the independent travelers want to listen to, too.

Advantages When You Travel with a Laos Travel Agency

With more than 17-year proficiency and world-wide partnership across Indochina regions, Laos Tour Agency masters the top places to see in the destination and activities to do, ensuring that you’ll not miss anything special. In addition, the tour guides themselves are proficient enough to take you to the ideal spots for sightseeing, taking photos, eating, hiking, or scuba diving. As mentioned, there will be some local stories about the destinations that only the locals and the tour guides know, and they will share.

All you need to do is to confirm your booking, and then the operators will do the rest to perfect your vacation in Laos. The obvious advantages of using the services of Laos Tour Agency can be the professional and supportive tour guide, yummy local food, hidden yet beautiful corners, special activities, certified accommodation, and so on. Often, things will have been arranged before your departure date, which helps steer clear of any fear about the peak-season charges, the missed flight or lonesome feeling.

Our Laos tour packages can ignite the spark of interest in traveling to Laos, a beautifully laid-back Buddhist country known for the awesome friendliness. Once the itinerary is handed over to you, read it and come prepared to the destinations with appropriate dresses, things to bring, etc. What’s more, the journey is much joyful when you get to know people in a group tour and build a friendship in some days. Chances are awesome if going on a grand Laos Tour lasting over one week.
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INDOCHINA CHARM TRAVEL is one of the best Laos Tour Agencies

Reliable, professional, and authentic, INDOCHINA CHARM TRAVEL is among the best Laos Tour Agencies that you can find in the tourism market.

Our Vision

Offer the most reasonable programs and services to satisfy all travelers who come to us.

Gain international acknowledgment as a leading Laos Travel Agency.

Our Mission

Specialize our services to be professional and praiseworthy.

Differentiate our itineraries which result in the exclusive vacation and unforgettable memories.

Our Culture

Build a fantastic workstation for staff to work with passion and teamwork orientation. Our members value every single support that we give to the customers to make them comfortable and pleasant after every call, chat, or in-person visit.

Our Travel Philosophy

Create exceptional packages that focus on our identity and strengths to shed light on the charming Indochina Laos.

Provide a perfect balance between the must-see places of interest and the favorable places plus the must-do activities.

Schedule the itineraries with time to enjoy the trips to the maximum, such as interaction with the locals, friendly dining time, and other enjoyable experiences on the spot.

Laos Travel Agency

Laos Custom Tours with Best Prices since 2008

Founded in 2008, INDOCHINA CHARM TRAVEL is an expert that provides the most reasonable itineraries at the most acceptable prices that seem to understand what customers need even before they say it out. When the matters of “dollars” are no longer a concern, people are stimulated to sort out those of the most favorable packages, and then make a final choice in a pleasant way. Whatever your preferences, there are programs to fulfill. And even if there is no package that appeals to you, it’s always welcomed to customize it.

Tell the Laos travel agency about the things to see in Laos, the food to eat, and the activity to play, etc.; they will be smartly included in the itinerary. The key is not to be reluctant. Our friendly staff welcomes your contact anytime the sense of Laos tour packages come to your mind, and you want to carry it out. After listening to your desires, the itinerary made for you only will be sent to you. Let us know if you are OK with it. Otherwise, we are happy to modify again until you are happy.

The Best Laos Tours are ready to run, and we’re waiting for your communication.