Laos Travel Guide

The smart tourists usually travel with a guide on hand. Laos Travel Guide has many practical effects on the success rate of your Laos Discovery Tours. In order to wake up the sleepy beauty of Laos as wished, you should always work with our comprehensive guides regarding various significant points of Laos Introduction, the Best Time to Visit Laos, Laos Food, Laos Architecture, Religion in Laos, Festivals in Laos, and Ethnic Groups in Laos. 

The entirely laid-back atmosphere at Laos may sometimes drive the newcomers to lose their attention to the local culture, religion, or architecture. Therefore, we do offer our Guides on some of the most important subjects that enable you to explore the actual beauty of Laos. Being isolated for decades, Laos has the untamed wild nature that is thrilling enough to feast the visitors’ eyes. The primitive ecological system here embraces the endless beauty that refreshes your mind and revitalizes your body. Every ingredient is to make your Laos Holiday the special event to remember forever.

Get to know the essentials of Laos whenever you’re ready to accept the invitations from Laos. Just get immersed into the cultural and natural landscapes at Vientiane, Luang Prabang, Bolaven Plateau, Si Phan Don (The 4000 Islands), the Plain of Jars, and many more. The country’s mystery is waiting for you to uncover.

Besides, there stand numerous self-indulgent opportunities for you to enjoy rock climbing, trekking, caving, swimming, etc. With our guide, you will soon get closer and closer to the nature. Just invest your holiday in the laid-back and stress-free ambiance of Laos. The days-and-nights Laos Tours let you see the true meanings of vacationing away from home.

Almost all passport holders can get the Lao Visa on arrival conveniently, except some countries in the “blacklist.” Read on for a complete guide on Lao visa policy that you can benefit from, or use it as the resources to assist your friends. Visa Policy in Laos The country has the open and simple visa […]

Laos is famous as a country of festivals and celebrations. The Laotians love setting up a family gathering or friend party. For them, it is a great chance for all members to eat, drink, and have fun moments together. During a travel to Laos, the best way to learn the culture and tradition of this […]

Travel to Laos embraces lots of exciting things for you to experience, including the joy of shopping. What to buy when you are in the “Land of a Million Elephants”? If you also question this, then consider the 5 most famous items below to pick up and bring home. #1: Laos Traditional Costume The Laos […]

Laos owns good custom that has been formed throughout the history and kept until now. Some practices become the local norms that people consciously follow, and this is the beautiful trait to attract travelers to this laid-back and charming country. Before you go on Laos Tours, it’s good to read about the outstanding custom in […]

Laos is considered as one of the world’s safest countries for tourism. The peaceful lifestyle, friendly locals and inexpensive living standard do make the country ideal to live in and travel. From the rich culture of Luang Prabang to the backpacker paradise of Vang Vieng, and the gorgeous capital of Vientiane, Laos is surely worth […]

Laos has a huge appeal to the mind-racing travelers who are in dire need of relaxation in a laid-back horizon as well as the slow pace of life in the moments. In that sense, some citizens of United Kingdom (UK) might feel interested in the travel to Laos from United Kingdom – where people are […]

If the laid-back atmosphere in Laos wins your interest and you are now eager to go see the sleepy country, a good understanding about Laos Visa is very necessary. The enigmatic charm of Laos is waiting for you to explore, and you should not always miss any opportunity to feast the eyes with the absolute […]

If you’re looking for a land of festival, Laos is one of the top candidates. Due to the rich culture and religion, Laos is full of the matchless festivals. The tourists coming to this peaceful country will be amazed at its rich collection of the national and regional events that are celebrated due to many […]

Laos is characterized with peace and friendliness, but it doesn’t mean that there is only one group in Laos. According to Laos Government, there are 49 ethnic minorities in the land. Classification of Ethnic Groups in Laos We don’t attempt to list all of the ethnic groups available at Laos nowadays since it is a […]

Laos is said to bring tourists the all-year-round excitement. However, the degree of excitement is greatly boosted if you travel with a good understanding about the best time to visit Laos. It’s revealed that Laos has the two obvious weather seasons: the dry season (from October to late April) and the wet season (from May […]