Let’s see what makes Laos trekking experience in Attapeu more and more interesting? Laos is a friendly and beautiful “Land of a Million Elephant,” which has long been famous for pristine and scenic Laos trekking. The travel turns to be exciting and memorable much when you trek through the primitive jungle world, beautiful rivers, and ethnic houses. In particular, trekking in Attapeu provides the nice experiences recommended to all tourists.

Treeking in Attapeu Laos

Attapeu is a destination in the southeastern tip of Laos, being well-known for untamed nature, ethnic culture, and trekking trail. There, you find the intact world to trek through and stay friendly to Nature. The province is encompassed by Sekong to the north and Champasak to the west, Vietnam to the east, and Cambodia to the south. The ethnic diversity in Attapeu provides the interesting cultural scenes for the Western travelers to cherish via trekking in Laos hill tribes while the pristine trails help them fulfill the adventurous spirit and nature passion. With the rugged mountains, scenic valleys, and peaceful rivers, Attapeu is ideal for ecotourism as well as Laos Mountain Trekking.

Attapeu Trekking Tours with the off-the-beaten-track trails

The trekking tours in Attapeu in Laos can take place from one to five days and even more. The tourists can choose either the self-guided or the guided treks. The highlights of the remote trails include the dense jungle, captivating waterfalls, National Protected Areas, and ethnic communities or villages. The off-the-beaten-track trails bring you to the bustle-free world in which you become parts of Nature and almost forget the city stress. The nature-friendly and cultural experiences during the trails of trekking southern Laos are unique and memorable.

There are two eminent Waterfalls to see: Tad Phok and Tad Phaphong. With Tad Phok Waterfall, the trek begins from Ban Lanyao (the ethnic Oy village). And with Tad Phaphong Waterfall, it takes the 5-hour boat trip from Saysettha District. The trip is very scenic with many colorful rocks along the riversides, the water flowing over edges of the high cliff and dropping into the natural pool. The trek becomes worthy when the waterfall sceneries are present to the eyes. All life worries can be dissolved just like the foam, and then you become the happy version of yours. The happy self makes the travel successful and enjoyable.

Next, Ban Mai Village in Attapeu provides the best homestay experience that you might ever want in Laos. This village is situated on the corner of the important Xe Pian National Protected Area (NPA). As the NPA provides the pristine hills, forests, lakes, and waterfalls, all make up the picturesque landscapes around the ethnic houses. The overnight homestay gives authentic experiences in the local lifestyle, customs, and culture which are more authentic than anything that you see or read. In fact, the Ban Mai Village Homestay has been selected by many holidaymakers alike who enjoy the day-and-night trek in Attapeu. The local family meals and traditional Laos dinner will make you feel homelike and reluctant to leave on tomorrow morning.

Often, it is the 48km trail from Attapeu Town (the Samakhi Xai capital city) to Ban Mai, including the stopovers at Nonglom Lake (at the bottom of the Bolaven Plateau). This scenic Lake is the favorite picnic address for many backpackers, and it has been witnessing various stories of love and sadness as the local youth loves to have a picnic there. More interestingly, Nonglom Lake is the ideal place to enjoy bird watching such as giant ibis, crane, black ibis, white-winged duck, etc.

Then, the trek goes on toward the Xe Pian River in which you embark a long tail boat with a villager who guides you during the 1-hour cruise toward the waterfalls. After the inspiring boat trip, trek through the forest and farmland to arrive at Ban Mai Village. For the day trek, people will return to the city after the happy bathing in Xe Pian River and the family dinner with the local hosts. If you have not decided what to do in Laos yet, go trekking in Attapeu – the destination that is rich in the ethnic culture as well as the intact nature!

This waterfall is named Xea Pong Lai Attapeu

Some Laos Trekking Tips for Adventure Junkies

  • Often drink water, even before you are thirsty to avoid the risk of dehydration.
  • Bring the authentic Laos paper map and the compass, just in case your GPS fails or runs out of battery.
  • Change the wet socks whenever you get a chance to prevent the blisters.
  • Take a short break of 10 minutes every hour because this will help remove the metabolic waste in your legs during the hike.
  • Have a high-quality rain jacket as this is one of the most critical items of clothing. Bring the one which is waterproof and breathable.
  • Wool or fleece clothing is recommended. Do not wear cotton clothing because it does not dry and does not keep you warm in the rains.
  • The first-aid kit is a must to have in the backpack, and remember to pack it for the easy access, in the outside pouch or in the upper compartment of the pack. As a result, you can get the kit easily in the urgent or emergency cases.
  • Respect the hill tribe’s culture and costume. The guests are expected to mingle with the ethnic groups in a friendly and open-minded manner.
  • Stay on the trail and do not harm Nature by all means.

Trekking southern Laos in Attapeu delivers one of the most authentic and memorable moments to hike through the intact and mountainous environment, as well as the hill-tribe villages. Each of the passing scenes of the waterfall, valley, mountain, ethnic village, etc., is the spectacular background that all adore. While parts of the world have been modernized with the skyscrapers and apartments, Laos remains so off-the-beaten-track and charming that the passionate trekkers want to discover and cherish. Right in Attapeu –Laos’ remote southern destination being rich in intact nature and ethnic diversity, you come to the correct trekking venue. Contact sales@indochinacharmtravel.com to get more information on Laos Mountain Trekking!

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