Luang Prabang, Laos is not a famous nightlife destination. Most of the local people have a habit to sleep at 22:00 PM and get up at 05:00 AM. In this laid-back city, the residents rarely get out of home after midnight, which makes the atmosphere tranquil and peaceful.

However, it doesn’t mean that the nightlife in Luang Prabang is tedious and makes you drowsy. Rather, there are some interesting nightspots for you to stay sleepless after the midnight when the flows of beer and conversation go on harmoniously.

Best Bars & Restaurants for Beer at Night in Luang Prabang

If you’re asking where to go for Luang Prabang nightlife, and most corners of the city remain quiet, and the majority of the inhabitants go to bed early. Don’t be drowsy yet because there are dozens of good places to drink beer and have party pass midnight here!

First of all, the 1861 Bar in the south of Luang Prabang center offers the French-style elegant space for you to have drinks and talk with each other throughout the night. Just sit on the leather, velvet sofas of 1861 Bar to enjoy the fine wines. According to many party girls and boys, they rarely feel drowsy when relaxing at the bar.

If you’re standing close to Nam Khan River, please head to Kingkitsarat Road to locate the Blue Ice Bar, the gay-friendly bar. The inviting atmosphere and the beautiful river view makes this Bar the venue for the sleepless souls. Moreover, Bowling is the ideal address for the tourists to drink beer and play bowling. This nightspot is worth to see if wanting to cheer up the nighttime by drinking and bowling. The price for a game is 15,000 kip/player, and that number increases to 20,000 kip until the midnight.

Another good place to experience the Laos-style club vibe is Dao Fah, which promotes the loud music, live DJs, beer, and lighting powers. This nightclub is often crowded with the local customers who come to drink beer and chat at night. Meanwhile, the foreign guests can come to mingle with the locals or just enjoy their own night with the favorite beer. What’s more, the indoor and outdoor seats of Icon Klub promise to boost your night with a full range of cocktails, board games, books, cinema on the 2nd floor, etc.

To open your choices for Luang Prabang nightlife, some other famous hang-out addresses for the expats and tourists are Hive Bar and Restaurant, Pack Luck Wine Bar, S-Bar & Restaurant, Yen Sabai Restaurant, and Utopia Bar. Among these names, the Hive Bar and Restaurant sounds more popular to the travelers. It is the stylish bar with the local DJ, cozy garden, exposed brick walls, art installation, etc. At 17:00 PM every day, the DJ begins spinning the decks, calling people to join the world of the electronic, dance, rock music, and hip-hop tunes.

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Night Food Market in Luang Prabang

Though the town has plenty of foods, you will not find the desired vendor food stalls by chance, especially at night. Hence, advice for you is to visit the Settathilat and Sisavangvong roads to find the food vendors after the sunset. Here, you can eat the grilled meat, Laos Pho, Laos noodle soup, baguette sandwiches, etc. Just get your seat and serve yourself as the market is often packed with culinary tourists.

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