Climbing Mount Phousi is one of the best things to do in Luang Prabang Laos as recommended by most of the tourism articles and reviews. Undoubtedly, this mountain is a divine, famous, and captivating natural attraction of the land that all pilgrims and visitors are welcomed to pay a visit. It takes 355 steps to reach the top of the mountain at the height of 150m to enjoy the rewarding panorama of the lovely Luang Prabang. Also, this spot delivers the experience to welcome the sunrise and sunset.

Mount Phousi for Panoramic Bird-eye View

Located in the center of Luang Prabang, Mount Phousi encourages the climbing activity included in most of the Luang Prabang tour packages. To reach the 150m high summit of the mountain, people must overcome 355 steps. During the climb, you are expected to stop by some temples, do homage to the holy statues, pray for the best, and give offerings if wanted. There are the shady trees to take a rest under. Then, the climb is rewarding with the impressive panorama of the mighty Mekong River in the north, the old-fashioned city featured with many pagodas and captivating spectacles, and the Khan River in the south and the east. In compared with the sacred and empyreal Mount Popa in Bagan Myanmar which takes 777 steps to the top, Mount Phousi is more “easygoing” with 355 steps. But both deliver the fantastic sightseeing experience from the certain height.

Most of the guests believe it is worth their effort and time to climb Mount Phousi as the view from the top is rewarding. Whether you hunt for the sunrise or the sunset, it is all fascinating. And, the actual visit will let you see many other “hunters” alike finding their best positions to catch the sunrise and sunset over the ancient Luang Prabang as well as the countryside areas. If you want the propitious corner to photograph the twilight, it’s recommended to get there at 4:00 PM – 4:30 PM or later it will get crowded with the tourists. Many people agree to wait to watch the sunset from the open-air balcony on Mount Phousi. It is the most beautiful moment of the day when the sunset “dyes” red the antique Luang Prabang.

And if you spread the eyes a bit further, it’s possible to view the interesting Mount Phou Nang which is in a shape of a lying woman. And, facing the Mount Phou Nang is the Mount Phou Thao that is linked to a romantic love story.

View from Mount Phu Si over Luang Prabang City Laos

View from Mount Phu Si over Luang Prabang City Laos

Mount Phousi for Meaningful Spiritual Journey

Climbing to the top of Mount Phousi in Luang Prabang, you will see the captivating Wat Tham Phousi with many Buddha statues and then Wat Chom Si with the 20m high Stupa. Note that there is a map pointing out the tourist attractions on the way to Mount Phousi which you can take advantage of. When you’re done with Wat Tham Phousi and keep climbing some steps, you will see the consecrated Wat Chom Si with the golden stupa that looks eye-catching from afar. Look around; you can see a small booth that sells beverages, snack, and flowers. Flowers are for doing homage to the Buddha. Amid the age-old trees is the antiquely peaceful Wat Chom Si that reflects Laos’s religious architecture and belief.

In the Laos language, “Phou” means “Mountain” and “si” means “Color” which reflects the fact that this “Color Mountain” preserves the colorful beauty. It is the green of the verdant trees, the white of the Champa flowers, the red of the flamboyant, the moss color of the age-old pagodas, and the yellow of the Wat Chom Si Stupa. And, the magical red of the sunset over the charming city as well as Mekong River is a big magnet attracting travelers to Mount Phousi.

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