Don’t think that the beauty of Laos is just limited in Vientiane and Luang Prabang! Among the most outstanding tourist destinations in Laos, there also stands a name of Muang Ngoi Neua, the small riverside village in the North of Laos. Investing your next Laos holiday in this laid-back village will always be the good idea.

Travel Guide on Your Muang Ngoi Neua Discovery

At first, know the fact that Muang Ngoi is the extremely tranquil and untouched tourist destination. It’s only ideal for the tourists who are in dire need of tranquility and peace. However, due to the hustle and bustle of life, this riverside village has received the increasing influx of tourists in the recent years. While come proceed to the village for the complete quietude, the others arrive to get the interesting treks to the tribal villages around. As of 2013, the village has been equipped with the tourist infrastructure to facilitate your visit.

When being in Muang Ngoi tourist destination, you will soon have a good appetite for a few impressive spots including the Traditional Herbal Sauna, Nam Ou Beach, Phetdavanh Book Exchange, Tham Kang Cave, and Tham Pha Kaew Cave. It’s interesting to inform you that these important caves used to be the bomb shelters during the Vietnam War epoch. People get through the Tham Kang cave by following the flashlight of their mobile phones. Then, they will reach a small waterfall. The safari experience is fresh and inspiring. Just please your ears with the sound of the falling water. It’s great!

The charm of Muang Ngoi will never stop at that. You’re advised not to miss the surrounding villages in the area, such as Bana, Huay Bo, and Huay Sen. These three villages somehow enhance your adventure greatly. The rural life in villages is very friendly and warm enough for you to communicate with the locals and learn more about their lifestyle. You also get opportunities to try fishing in the stream with a fishing net, hunting in a jungle by using the traditional rifles, or making fire by burning a plastic bottle. And if you successfully catch something, it’s lucky! Just cook and eat your caught fish right away.

The homestay in Muang Ngoi brings you back in time. You definitely gather numerous exciting stories to share afterwards. Muong Ngoi today has been equipped with electricity, 3G (Unitel & Lao Telcom), and Wifi. However, please note that there is still no ATMs here as of December 2014. Some of the nearby villages of the area may have no electricity; therefore, you should always check carefully before you choose to accommodate in any guesthouse. Since the street lights will be turned off around 11pm, if you plan to be out, make sure you bring a torch.

Begin your eco-tourism treks first at Muang Ngoi town, where is bordered with karst limestone mountains and rice paddies. Have you got the news that the tribal villagers will come to the town to trade in every 10 days? If lucky, you can attend it excitingly. What’s more, a boat trip further up to the Nam Ou River is what attracts many tourists to go see the idyllic isolated town.

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