The sleepy beauty of Laos stretches over most of its corners, from capital to the rural villages. If you’re yearning for a peaceful shelter to get rid of hustle and bustle of life, why not tour to Muang Sing? This tourist destination of Laos will satisfy you throughout the harmonious nights and days.

What to Note down about Muang Sing, Laos

Muang Sing or Mueang Sing is a small town located in Luang Namtha province. The town in northern Laos is bordered by rivers and mountains that make up the idyllic scenes for resting, sightseeing, and photographing. With the increasing number of temples here, Muang Sing has regarded as the noteworthy Buddhist center. More and more trekkers have come to this historic town since the 1980s. Coming to this idyllic spot, you get immersed into the mountainous regions associated with forest and upland farming. Expect to witness how the hill-tribe people of Laos live and work around the Muang Sing valley!

What to See in Muang Sing, Laos

Muang Sing Museum stays close to the town center for everybody to learn the rich history and culture of the land. When you enter the old wood and brick building, you see a fantastic collection of historic tools gathered from the major ethnic groups around. The people of Muang Sing have preserved various 18-19th century traditional and religious objects which are exhibited on the upper floor of the building. Just pay about 5,000kip to evaluate the museum’s authenticity.

Continue going to Ethnic Group Villages via a bicycle tour for a full-day exploration over the whole town. The rural atmosphere of various ethnic groups brings you to the different world where there is no grief or depression. The landscape along your bicycle journey is truly poetic and beautiful. It’s worth the ride to reach Muang Sing Market – the heart of the town. People come here to buy fresh foods, fruits, vegetables, etc., for their daily consume. You easily find many ethnic groups who wear the exceptional clothes of the land. Just feel free to photograph! To indulge your palate, eagerly savor the local specialties including soybean paste, waffles, Kainom (made from coconut and sticky rice), etc.

To support your spirituality, go see Xieng Tung Stupa – the most significant stupa in Muang Sing! History of this stupa is uncertain, but it’s said that this is the sacred place with the annual festival during the full moon of 12th lunar month. Set on top of a hill, the stupa ignites a great sense of mystery. There are some other temples and monasteries here, such as Vat Xieng Chai, Vat Namkeo, Xieng kok, Vat Xiang Yeun, and Vat Xieng Lae.

What’s more, the largely pristine Xieng Khaeng area is featured with the impressive mountains, caves, and waterfalls please the tourists’ mind and heart. Embedded between Mekong River and mountains, this remote region should only be explored under the guide’s help. It takes several days of trekking and river cruise to discover this eco-tourism site.

The natural scenery of Nam Keo Waterfall also makes the nature lovers happy while Pha Yueng Waterfall is famous for its refreshing ambiance. Follow Indochina trails to find out this gem of Laos: Muang Sing.

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