Laos is laid-back, charming, and intact with ideal ecotourism highlights that add spices to green vacations, and to make it new, people start finding proposals for Laos Tour Itinerary 2019. Far away from the historical Luang Prabang or the well-known Vientiane, new recommendations can be the Laos Wildlife Tours and many adventure-focused activities like trekking, Zipline, etc.

Things to See in Laos 2019: National Parks and Wildlife Tours

Preserving the untouched captivating Nature and off-the-beaten-track trails, Laos has the top National Parks including Dong Amphan, Dong Hua Sao, Hin Namno, Nakai-Nam Theun, and Phou Khao Khouay. Also, know that the country has 24 National Protected Areas that covers around 14% of the land. Major characteristics of these green spots are the tropical forest, rich wildlife, stunning limestone formations, and the ethnic culture of the residents. So, if you want the nature-friendly and new escapades, the things to see in Laos 2019 must be the National Parks, and you can get started with Nam Et-Phou Louey National Protected Area.

Nowadays, it’s easy to find the Laos wildlife tours offered by some reliable operators like Indochina Charm Travel, which provides the local guides, information about local customs, culture, and living. The list of outstanding tours to consider often has Zipline in Bokeo Gibbon (Gibbon Experience), Laos Trekking Tours to Nong Khiaw and meet the Hmong and Khmu groups, Nam Nern Night Safari in Nam Et-Phou Louey, and Green Discovery Laos Tour to Hin Namno National Protected Area. All are the excellent options to experience for an eco-journey of distinction in Laos.

Travel Guide for Laos Wildlife Tours

People are looking for Laos Wildlife Tours

Things to Do in Laos 2019: Adventure-focused activities

Getting to the green sites of national parks and protected areas, just forget the city bustle and hassle in the modern buildings and please don’t remember the cozy beds in the upscale hotels. Rather, let’s focus on the thrill-seeking adventure by trekking, camping, and using Zipline to reach the treetop houses.

To play Zipline in Laos, you should get Gibbon Experience in Bokeo. Enjoy the unique service to sleep in the treetop house at the 30m-40m height which is accessible by Zipline. This way, you’re complete with Nature, listen to the sound of the jungle, and meet the wildlife. The wooden house is equipped with basic facilities and provides a panoramic view of the greenness.

Next, trekking in hidden corners of Nong Khiaw will bring you the new on-foot adventure that you might ever wish to walk across the scenic off-the-beaten-track trails and discover the ethnic villages. While the beauty of the forest, mountain, and waterfall will feast your eyes, the interaction with the ethnic groups makes the trip more memorable. Also in Nam Et-Phou Louey, for example, you’ll be pleased with the activities of bird watching, wildlife observing, camping, moderate hiking, and night wildlife spotting.

Laos also has the ideal destinations for kayaking, cycling, and cave discovering such as Kong Lor Cave. Expect to come across the picturesque waterfalls that urge you to take photographs and then swim. And, if you want to watch the birds, go to Dong Amphan in Attapeu Province, the International Bird Area housing around 200 species of birds. The trekking trails in Dong Amphan are scenic for sure, and there will be opportunities to meet the ethnic villages.

Kamu Lodge, Laos

Travel to Laos to stay closer to the Nature

What’s more, Laos’ caves are among the most beautiful sites to see, and cave discovery is one of the best things to do in Laos 2019. Think of this top 5 including Kong Lor Cave (or Tham Kong Lo), Tham Jang Cave, Tham Phu Kham, Pak Ou Caves, and Tham Khoun Xe (or Xe Bang Fai River Cave). The majesty of limestone cliffs, karst structures, dreamlike ceilings, and underground water will surprise all visitors.

With the new proposals for the tours to Laos 2019 by Laos Travel Agency, you’ll have an exciting time in the untouched and enthralling corners.

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