Last Updated Laos Travel News

Lao PDR is a so quiet destination that even somebody believes it’s free from the Covid-19, and Laos Tourism 2021 are still being run. Nonetheless, the coronavirus pandemic has damaged domestic tourism as the country is on the lookout for its potential outbreak. It detected 41 positive COVID-19 cases and no dead count (until December […]

Foreign travelers getting to Laos today should be quarantined, recommended by The National Task Force Committee on the Prevention and Control of Covid-19. Particularly in Vientiane capital city, the strict regulations are enforced in order to protect Laos from the deadly virus. Scroll down for more updates about Covid-19 in Laos. General Status of Covid-19 […]

The Attapeu Hydroelectric dam collapse occurred in the night of July 23rd, 2018 in the hydroelectric dam under-construction Xe Pian-Xe Namnoy, Attapeu, in the southeast of Laos. The collapse caused the flash flood that hit the village terribly, leading to village destruction, human loss, and homelessness. As of July 25th, it was confirmed 26 dead […]

Let’s see what makes Laos trekking experience in Attapeu more and more interesting? Laos is a friendly and beautiful “Land of a Million Elephant,” which has long been famous for pristine and scenic Laos trekking. The travel turns to be exciting and memorable much when you trek through the primitive jungle world, beautiful rivers, and […]

Vang Vieng is a tourism-dedicated town covering lots of enjoyable activities for the party souls. While some people are fond of the tubing experiences in this town, the others might hold the big passion for the restless music festival. Vang Vieng Music Festival 3 in 2017 If you missed the two previous Vang Vieng Music […]

Laos, “A Land of a Million Elephants,” is the next chosen destination for many travelers from any corner of the world, including the New Zealand citizens. If you are the NZ passport holder, there are some concerns that you need to get them solved even before the journey. It refers to the matters of Laos […]

The elephant is the big symbol in Laos, and a visit to Laos cannot be complete if you cannot meet any elephant during the Laos adventure tours. Typically, the elephant ride helps the tourists live in harmony with the friendly animal and get the endless joy. Besides supporting the nation’s tourism, the elephant-related services improve […]