Being a pleasant city, Vientiane delivers the relaxed feeling to all guests, and this Indochina travel becomes more enjoyable with the handy Vientiane Laos Travel Guide. Though this capital city of Laos is not remarkably packed with various things to see and do, it’s important to go with some tips which bring the actual charm of Vientiane to light.

#1: Sort out What to See – Useful Vientiane Travel Advice

The capital city of Laos owns the historical and religious highlights for the memorable day tours. Put these names on your must-see list.

  • Pha That Luang (the Great Stupa) is Laos’s most beautiful gilded Buddhist Stupa, about 40km from the Vientiane center. This is the country’s national official symbol whose history can be dated back to the year of 1566 when King Setthathirat moved the capital from Luang Prabang to Vientiane. The gold-plated Stupa is 45m high and in the pyramid shape surrounded by 30 small stupas, enshrining the Lord Buddha’s relic. This is surely a must to see in Vientiane all times.
  • Wat Si Muang is dedicated to worshipping animist and Theravada Buddhism. The pagoda is lavishly adorned with the gold-carved pillars and the bright paintings which tell the Buddha’s life. This is the sacred religious venue, and many people believe in the intangible power of the site which can make wishes true.
  • Patuxai Victory Monument is built in order to honor and commemorate the Laotians who died for the independence of the country. The site is revered and meaningful, with the stupa towers and various religious images for the memorable visit.
  • Wat Si Saket has more than 6.800 Buddha statues of the 16th-19th Lines of the Buddha images enhance the magnificence and holiness of this religious spot. This is also Laos’s oldest Buddhist monastery. Surrounding the site is the peaceful and green landscape.
  • Talat Sao Morning Market is where to find Laos’s authentic products of clothing, handicrafts, home appliances, fruits, food, etc. For shopping and cultural discovery of Laos, spend a morning in this dynamic market.
  • Lao National Museum is the ideal place to learn the country’s history and culture. Erected in 1925, this museum has the exhibits of artifacts, photographs, reading materials, the Khmer sculpture, dinosaur bones, the jars (taken from Plain of Jars), etc.

#2: Know the Accommodation – Essential Thing in Vientiane Laos Travel Guide

Following the governmental curfew, almost every guesthouse in Vientiane closes their doors around 11:00 PM. If you arrive midnight, perhaps, you will have to wake up the available staff in the reception area in order to enter your room. Besides, take the matter of Wi-Fi into consideration. Though most of the hotels advertise the free Wi-Fi, some of them might even turn off the Internet access as well as the other electric light in the lobby at night. If wanted, you can ask whether the Wi-Fi is available only in the reception area or in your room.

#3: Get around – Helpful Vientiane Laos Travel Guide You Should Not Skip

It’s feasible to find lots of tuk-tuk and taxis when you walk the streets as well as outside of the tourist area. Remember to negotiate the prices before you get on the tuk-tuk for the cultural experiences. In regards to the local taxi, know that the taxis in Vientiane do not use meters. This means you need to negotiate the fares before getting inside. If possible, use your smartphone to check how far the distance is, so that your negotiation is reasonable enough. Put this Vientiane Laos Travel Guide into practice!

#4: Experience Nightlife – Vientiane Laos Travel Guide Includes the Inexpensive Laos Beer

Laos Beer is famed for the good taste as well as low price. Surprisingly, a bottle of beer in this country is often less expensive than a cup of coffee. Therefore, take time enjoying how good the local beer is, but notice the closing time because the bars and pubs in Vientiane Laos are likely to close due to the city-wide curfew. Check the closing time beforehand! A good address is Bor Pen Nyang – the 4-floor rooftop bar which overlooks the spectacular river, has a wide range of food and drinks, and closes around midnight.

#5: Take Care of Your Health – The Critical Things to Pack to Vientiane Laos

Provided that you come to this city in the rainy season (May – October), remember to bring the mosquito repellent spray and mosquito repellent cream because dengue fever and malaria are the problems in Vientiane. Try your best to avoid the mosquito bites! Due to the months when you visit this destination, dress appropriately. When you’re thirsty, buy the bottled water instead of using the tap water.

#6: Eat Top Street Food – Vientiane Travel Advice for Foodies

The pleasant city is home to the delicious and unique Laos food that the foodies might feel mouth-watering. Catch your opportunities to enjoy the top street food in Vientiane: steamed sticky rice, the grilled dishes of pork side, chicken thighs, chicken wings, birds, sausages, etc., Laos’s sandwich, papaya salad, and dishes from insects. Exploring the local markets, especially at night, will cheer you up with various delectable food choices. Approach the preferred vendor booths and order your favorites!

#7: Come to the Best Places to Shop – Vientiane Laos Shopping Guide

The city owns attractive night markets and famous boutique shops for you to buy various local items. You don’t need to look elsewhere; just arrive at these top places to shop in Vientiane: Vientiane Night Market, Talat Sao Morning Market, Vangthong Food Market, Carol Cassidy Lao Textiles, and Oot Ni Gallery.

The three markets above are full of interesting items of souvenirs, clothing, electronic gadgets, artworks, accessories, food, drinks, etc. The market-style stalls let you experience the authentic Laos lifestyle and practice bargaining. In particular, Carol Cassidy Lao Textiles is the premium place to buy the local textiles featured with the elaborate patterns and motifs; Oot Ni Gallery is about the genuine antiques.

With the practical Vientiane Laos Travel Guide, you have the confidence to discover the elegant city to the fullest!

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