Plain of Jars is unique and attractive enough to help Phonsavan become a remarkable destination in Laos. You might even find no other strange and antique jars on the plain elsewhere. While the name of Phonsavan can translate to “hill of paradise”, the mysterious presence of the immense jars makes this hill more engaging.

Plain of Jars – enigmatic, unique, and eminent

As the main reason drawing tourists to Phonsavan, the eminent Plain of Jars is surely a must to see. This is a strange collection of colossal vases made from stone and scattered throughout the hill. It is counted that over 1.900 jars have been placed in the area, making your exploration full of surprise. The typical object is 1-3m high and 14 tons weight. The biggest container has the height of 3m and the weight of 14 tons while the rest are mainly 1-2m high. It’s interesting that no one and no documentation knows about the exact history and origin of Jars on Phonsavan. But, the archaeologists attempt to convince that these mysterious objects were there during the Iron Age (1,500-2,500 years ago).

According to the local folktales, the big jars were used as the funeral urns as well as food storage for the ancient civilization.  Also, the Laotians have the theories saying that these giant objects could only be made by Khun Cheung – the King of the Giants. For celebrating the victory, the Giant King made the large vases to brew rice wine. Furthermore, some beliefs assume that these enigmatic vases were left by the ancient traders while the others say the Laotian ancestors used the containers to store monsoon rainwater to support the caravan people. Nowadays, there are three distinct sites of jars opening to the public as they are free from the unexploded ordnance (UXO). The reputation of Plain of Jars has extended and moved beyond the country borders to call for the international explorers. Custom tours to Plain of Jars Laos are operated by Laos Tour Agency !

Tour to Plain of Jars or Drive a Motorbike to It

One of the biggest reasons that make Phonsavan in Laos worth visiting is the Plain of Jar. So, make it a point to book a tour to this notable heritage or grab the motorbike and hit the road. When you get there, the first impressions are the spacious green hill, clusters of stone huge objects, and tranquilly fresh atmosphere to start the discovery. Visit the jars on the plains in Laos not only means bunches of gigantic highlights, but also sightseeing the very spectacular scenery of rolling hills, rice fields, and cattle.

Motobike trip through Laos to the Plain of Jars

Motobike trip through Laos to the Plain of Jars

The adventure to Plain of Jars, Laos’ most magnificent megalithic highlight, will never be boring as you meet thousands of mysterious objects as well as the peaceful hill scenery, making it the best thing to do in Phonsavan all season. While the majority of tourists are looking for a party and floating down the Nam Song River in the rubber tubes in Vang Vieng, you and some others might keen on the thousand-year-old mystery that has never been unveiled. The destination is surely worth it!

As no one uncovers the secret behind the antique jars on the hill of Phonsavan, the marvel sites remain attractive to the archaeologists and the archaeology-loved visitors worldwide. So come there, place your hands on the edge of the jar and peek inside the gigantic urn to get the actual experiences. Some people who visit the marvels might not care about the answers to the mystery of the ancient objects as they consider them as the valuable humankind heritages.

Time and war have deleted any opportunity to understand exactly who created these stone wonders and why. Get there to see for yourself why many other explorers cherish their time in the picturesque and inspiring Plain of Jars.

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