Laos Homestay Luang Prabang lets guests stay at the villagers’ houses set in the off-the-beaten-track areas, away from hurly-burly. In particular, the Muang Soune Village is an ideal site in the charming Luang Prabang for the real homestay that you ever wish to share houses with the locals, interact with them, learn their culture, experience their traditional lifestyle, and cherish intact nature.

Luang Prabang Homestay at Muang Soune Village

Muang Soune Village is approximately 65km from Luang Prabang City, setting it apart from any bustle. This remote village provides the off-the-beaten-track stay for the foreigners who are welcomed to share the houses and live as the locals for moments. Surrounding the village are the rugged mountain, picturesque rice fields, and idyllic rivers. Some of the genuine activities are cooking the local food, going on a fishing day, taking part in the Baci ceremony (tying of white cotton strings around a person’s wrists to wish him/her the best), and wedding party (the counterfeit one), visiting local markets, and more. Any of the new and different activities in Laos’ hidden village will turn to be the unforgettable experiences.

There will also include some agricultural activities to contribute and have fun. If you’ve ever wanted to plant rice or do the harvesting, then head to the nearby rice fields to get the hands-on experiences. In the same sense, Laos’ traditional fishing techniques are great to learn. It’s stimulated to use the fishing rods and catch some fish for dinner. But whether or not you can catch fish, the delicious Laos family meals have been prepared to serve you, as indicated in the packages. After dinner is time to chat, make friends, and get to know the villagers better. People in Muang Soune Village are some of the most amiable in the earth; this makes you end the night with the enjoyable conversations and dancing performances.

In the next morning for your Laos Luang Prabang Homestay, take time unwinding at the spectacular Nam Ou River. The scenic boat trip is highly pleasurable that leaves you with admirable photo albums. Also, don’t skip the discovery of the well-known Pak Ou Cave which embraces lots of nice surprises. From Muang Soune, the guests can also head to other nearby villages namely Pak Ou Village and Ban Don Village which are all the interesting sites to see in Luang Prabang.

Though you sleep in a room with the small local mattress and the mosquito net that is not fancy or not as comfortable as expected, it’s true that you can live like a local for a short period. The hideaway does not offer air conditioning or hot water shower; rather, what you enjoy is similar to what the villagers have on a daily basis. Trekking in the faraway village also lets you discover the wild nature preserved well in the hidden corners of the famous city.

Halolao Homestay Luang Prabang for More Comfort

Halolao Homestay Luang Prabang

Halolao Homestay Luang Prabang

Designed for the cozy and easy accommodation in Luang Prabang, Halolao Homestay has an ideal location in the ancient and charming city, only 0.3km away. From this spot, it’s feasible to reach the attractions of Queen Design Lao, Wat Xieng Thong, Phousi Mountain, Luang Prabang Night Market, Pak Khan Temple, Tad Sae Waterfall, etc. This is actually the hotel which offers more convenient homestay-like accommodation, with 24-hour support, free Wi-Fi, parking lot, air-conditioners, and more. This might not be the genuine homestay, but it’s suitable for those who want the fancy facilities and are afraid of the wild life, insets, etc. Therefore, if you want the comfortable and convenient lodging, just proceed to Halolao Homestay Luang Prabang which has widely been experienced by dozens of the guests.

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