If your biggest concerns are now the Laotian Religion, you have arrived at the right zone as we master this subject as wished. In fact, you should first begin with the basic ideas about the existing religions in Laos at the present time, including Buddhism, Satsana Phi, Christianity, and some other minor practices of Hinduism, Confucianism, and Taoism.

Along with that, the Laos people also follow their unique traditional belief in the animism and ancestor worship. Among the listed religions in Laos, please let us draw your focus on the three most popular practices in Laos that are Buddhism, Animism, and Ancestor Worship in this article. In terms of the practicing intensity, the other religions are said to be minor or less important.

Buddhism – The Top Irreplaceable Religion in Laos

It’s absolutely obvious that Laos is full of wats and temples designated for Buddhism. There are approximately 67% of the population that follow the Theravada Buddhism (also called the Little Vehicle or Hinayana) – the major and official religion in Laos. Historically, this religious practice emerged here between the 14th and 17th centuries. Generally speaking, the Laos people all show their respect to the Buddha statues at any time they come across them. None can deny the absolute fact the Buddhism has the irreplaceable importance on the spiritual life of the whole nation.

The Buddha statues can be widely erected and worshiped in almost any corner of the country. People have no limitation to worship the Buddha statue and they place them in the temples, pagodas, mountains, hills, caves, and even forests. In the daily life, we find numerous Buddhist monks along the streets. You know what? Their special saffron robes help adorn the Luang Prabang streets in the positive light.

The tourists coming to Laos will find it interested to snap the photos of cityscape or riverscape which is dotted with some Buddhist monks. Just record the moments you stay at Vientiane or Luang Prabang and show your respect to the Buddha status! That is the foremost thing that the locals wish you to follow.

Referring to the goodwill taught by Buddhism, the Laotians have the strong faith in reincarnation. Therefore, some are devoted to do good things for the good returns. That is the reason why people conclude that some of the friendliest people on earth are in Laos. So, if you ask us any about the integral part of the Laos identity, our answer will mostly be the Buddhism.

Animism and Ancestor Worship – Very Popular and Exceptional Religious Practices

The animist practices can coexist with the Buddhism over decades. The practitioners highly value the presence of animals in their zones. Besides, another exceptional religious belief in Laos is around the “phis”. This mysterious term means “spirit, soul, ghost, or returning”. The Laotians swear by the existence of the spirits of the dead after their physical death. Therefore, they worship their ancestors every day. The rite can be done in a simple way. Just build up a small altar in the quiet place to offer food to the “phis” at homes. This belief is enhanced via the devotion to the village’s guardian spirits.

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