Laos is considered as one of the world’s safest countries for tourism. The peaceful lifestyle, friendly locals and inexpensive living standard do make the country ideal to live in and travel. From the rich culture of Luang Prabang to the backpacker paradise of Vang Vieng, and the gorgeous capital of Vientiane, Laos is surely worth your holiday. For the perfect trip indeed, a little bit of common sense and precautions may go a long way toward keeping you well protected when it generally comes to your personal health and safety. Get to know some advice and tips for solo travel in Laos so that you have an enjoyable and memorable time on your Laos Private Tours !

Tips for Your Interaction with the Laotians

In some Western countries, tourists are able to kiss others’ hands or put their arms around women’s waist without any complaint. However, things are different as such behaviors are a taboo in Laos. Although visitors just want to express their friendliness, these actions are considered to be impolite, especially with single girls. Therefore, if you wish to take a photograph together with a beautiful Lao native, make sure to put two of your hands behind the back or to the front. Otherwise, you will see the “unexpected consequences” afterward.

When meeting, the natives make a habit of folding their hands and bowing their heads. Men can shake hands. However, touching a Lao’s head (especially a male’s one) is PROHIBITED, and causes serious offense, which may even lead to fights and injury. Furthermore, don’t touch any object or item without the locals’ permission when visiting their homes.

In this Southeast Asian country, the head is considered high while the feet are considered low. Therefore, apart from walking and playing sports, it is generally rude to use the feet for anything. Please respect Laos Culture by removing your footwear before entering a house and avoiding putting your feet on a chair or a table.

Tips for Your Travel and Homestay in Laos

Make a point to remember that the majority of Laotians are Buddhists. Therefore, it is highly recommended to keep polite and dress modestly (such as having shoulders and knees covered) when visiting any pagoda or temple. Besides, you’re also expected to leave your shoes and socks outside. Follow what warnings signs tell. Otherwise, you will be immediately invited to leave out. It is also forbidden to touch a monk. Make sure to see a lot of sacred sites and artifacts throughout the country without entering or touching them.

Avoid wandering around aimlessly alone through a town or a city late at night, particularly if you are a female tourist. If possible, invite your friends or partner to go with you. Whenever going out, try to put your valuables, like the credit card, money, and passport in a pocket and then keep all of them concealed under your clothing.

The Laotians are nice and gentle in every behavior. Therefore, speaking or shouting loudly is considered as the bad manners. Instead, do praise and say thanks to others whenever needed. Don’t get too drunk or have overt shows of affection in public.

Up to most of Laos travel guides, the quality of medical care in the countryis generally poor. Because most of the healthcare providers are equipped with a limited supply of drugs, there is no guarantee that you can get hold of medicines, especially in rural areas. As a result, the best way to protect your health during the homestay is to take a first-aid kit with you, including bandages, painkillers, rehydration sachets, plasters, antiseptic cream, and medication for upset stomachs.

Hope that such advice and tips for your next solo travel in Laos become applicable. Follow and respect the country’s culture and taboos to have a completely exciting experience and gather sweet memories in the beautifully laid-back country.

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